Do Fairy Tales & Scary Stories Hide Secrets For Defeating Evil?

I can’t wait to read Andrew Klavan’s new novel Werewolf Cop. #fiction #Culture #crime

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Dear Andrew,

I’m excited about your new novel Werewolf Cop. It looks like just the catalyst needed to start a new discussion about fantasy books and fairy tale culture. As I mentioned last week, The Wife and I have grown obsessed with the TV show Grimm on Amazon Prime. We’re almost done binge-streaming through the third season and will probably plunk down and pay for the fourth. (Amazon realizes that by providing all of a show’s first seasons for free they can addict the viewer such that we will regard it as an entirely reasonable deal to pay for a whole season’s worth of new episodes.)


Is anybody else as into the #Grimm TV show as @aprilbey_ & me lately?

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The show’s premise grows richer as the seasons progress: it’s a detective program except in each episode part of the mystery involves figuring out which supernatural, fairy tale creature has appeared in a real world version. The trick for doing this requires trips back to the hero’s aunt’s old trailer to begin rifling through the giant collection of antique journals written by previous generations of “Grimm” monster hunters in the centuries since the Crusades. (In the show’s mythos the original Grimms were Knights Templar…)

I guess the main reason I’ve come to like the show so much is that one can understand it in kind of a *literal* context too — that the Grimm fairy tales and folklore in general actually aren’t diversions, but instead they have ideas about culture and human nature and evil encoded in them. And that’s why they’re such powerful root stories that get remade again and again.

In the past I’ve often attacked “pop culture polytheism” — the way that many in our culture today choose to make TV and movie figures a kind of substitute pantheon of gods for them to worship. But there’s a positive side to this also — for shows like Grimm to really work they have to draw on real, historical evil and reinvent them in the show’s fantasy context. It’s hard to count the number of times in Grimm when the myth of child sacrifice has been redone in some fashion…

So as I start studying the original Grimm tales more, I’m also going to consider other “grimoires” of strange stories that might have more practical, real world application. I’ve been longing to get a handle on Alice in Wonderland for awhile, so for my fantasy-inspired video blogging, I’m going to start trying to make sense of them too:

Could this be a #secret to understand #AliceInWonderland Better?

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So in looking at the fantasy genre, I’m going to think about it in both past and present. On the one hand I’ll weigh the many stories of Grimm and Lewis Carroll and their hidden archetypal meanings. On the other, I’ll look at your novel Werewolf Cop, and also a very different, more female-centric fantasy, Hannah’s novel Bulfinch:


How can #fantasy and folklore stories be tools for victory in everyday life!

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And I’ll tap several writers I have in mind to start exploring these fantasy themes with me.

(If anybody wants to join in then send me an email to DaveSwindlePJM AT, tweet your ideas to @DaveSwindle, or tag me in an Instagram video @DaveSwindlePJM.)

Oh, and I found your book on the doorstep yesterday after we arrived home from the art studio:


Andrew Klavan’s new novel Werewolf Cop arrived yesterday! #SiberianHusky #fantasy

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Best wishes and thanks for all your inspiration,


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