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Turns Out You Can Survive On a Diet of Girl Scout Cookies and Cheese Puffs

In case you’ve ever wondered.

Imagine an Alternate Diminsion Where New York Grew Free

What if modern laws had come a century earlier?


Remember When Tim Burton Almost Directed Nicolas Cage as Superman?

A new documentary film reveals the behind-the-scenes details of the oddest superhero film never made.

Another Day, Another Stolen Valor Case…

This time it’s a non-veteran who calls out the fake.

Should Unibras Be Banned at NBA Games?

You just can’t unsee this.

Your Face Could Be Your Password

The most unique identifier we have is us.

Is a $1 Hot Dog at a Ballgame Better than Nothing?

The Kansas City Royals $1 hot dog night has fans up in arms over the poor quality of the offering.

7 Most Lethal Killer Robots in Movie History

Wickedly, lethal killer robots on the loose!

Which Of These Astonishing Guitarists Outperforms the Other?

by Allston

The Battle of the Guitar Masters continues…

The Brownshirts Are Back. And They’re in Our Universities.

Why must history perpetually repeat itself?

Why Offending People Is Suddenly Okay (As Long As Those People Are Jewish)

by Spencer Klavan

Memories Pizza, The Daily Show, and the hilarious hypocrisy of today’s progressive pop culture.

Dennis Prager’s Inspiring 10 Commandments Project Sets a New Media Standard

It really is the moral foundation you need to save your life and find peace.

Future of Fifty Shades Going Down in "Ball of Flame"

Production on this sadomasochistic franchise just turned incestuous.

How the Drug War Keeps People Poor

It sets up the wrong incentives. History shows a better way.

'Don't Tell Me What's Oppressive. I Tell You, You Shut Up and Listen'

I’m glad I’m out of college.

How Long Can You Shelter Your Children from LGBT?

One school teacher in Maine taught five-year-olds about transgenderism.

Earth Day Thought Experiment: Do We Really Make Our Environment Worse?

What would a time traveler from 1715 think of our modern environment?

Win Big on FanDuel and DraftKings Tonight: Top Tournament Picks

by Max Steinberg

Take advantage of the big early season tournaments with these daily fantasy MLB picks.

3 Awesome, In-Your-Face Dunks by the Clippers' Blake Griffin

Bonus: top 10 dunks of all time.

Stop the Clown Show, Mr. Trump

by Mark Ellis

Hey Donald: You’re fired!

The 6 Worst Oscar-Winning Best Pictures

The worst of the best of Hollywood.

Why The ‘5 Best Baseball Movies’ Are Actually Terrible

Some of the most overrated sports flicks of all time…

Finally, the Dollar Gains Value in Western Europe

That’s good news for you travelers. But still be careful…

10 Rules for Victory I Learned from General George S. Patton & Cruella De Vil

by Lisa Richards

A counterculture crusader manifesto.