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Is Colorado’s Governor Right About Pot Legalization?

Should weed be treated like alcohol?

5 Ways Hebrew Is (Very) Different from English

by P. David Hornik

And what’s hard—and not so hard—to learn about it.


Here’s Your Map of the Catholic Church

Deep Cuts: Currents in Catholic Thought and Culture

A Kindle of Kittens

by Sarah Hoyt and Charlie Martin

Book Plug Friday is On Saturday this week!

George Lucas’ Role in Star Wars: Episode VII Should Make You Smile

No ‘Force’ for you!

Waking Up For California Sun: 5 Photos, 3 Videos & a Siberian Husky From Inglewood

by PJ Lifestyle Sunshine

Here are some of the most memorable mornings from January.

Which of These 3 Songs Is Buffalo Springfield’s Greatest?

by Allston's Afternoon Rockout

Or is there another hidden gem of a track amongst their albums?

5 Reasons Why Cracked‘s Parody of Walt Disney Is Nothing Like the Truth

The humor website tries to smear Walt Disney with an unfunny video filled with typical disinformation.

The Secret Reason for American Sniper‘s Breakout Success

When will it sink in for Hollywood executives just how beloved America’s military actually is? Perhaps when they realize how much money there is to be made telling the truth about them?

6 Great Sun Shots from Galveston, Texas

by PJ Lifestyle Sunshine

(And a bonus photo from Canute, OK too.) Please tweet your sunrise and sunset shots to @DaveSwindle on Twitter.

‘Manspreading’: A Portent of Things to Come

by Janice Fiamengo

2015 will see more crackdowns on the crime of masculinity

Are Brown People Capable of Evil?

Chris Kyle wanted to save more lives. The people he fought wanted to murder as many as possible.

The Un-Popular Face of Black Activism in America

Has Black Power turned race into an idol that blinds us to one another?

Christianity’s Human Sacrifice Problem

If God called upon you to kill your son or wipe out a village or slaughter adulterers, would you do it?

An Astonishing Sunrise Through the Bedroom's 'Glass Wall'

by PJ Lifestyle Sunshine

“Such a joy to awaken to this!”

Here Are Some Basic Tips for Traveling with Your Kids

by Arlene Becker Zarmi

There are so many things that are easy to forget; get started with these ideas.

13 Key Ideas You Need For Defeating Marxist Evil

by Ronald R. Cherry

Here’s your introductory guide for understanding and overcoming one of the most destructive belief systems of all time.

Ernie Banks: The Sunshine of our Lives

The Chicago sports icon, dead at 83.

What This Racist Murderer Said Before His Sentencing Might Give You Nausea

Sign “O” the Times

Is Rachmaninoff the Favorite Composer for Pianists?

by PJ Lifestyle Classical Music In the Morning

Which essential compositions from him should we add to our growing collection of the best online classical music? Any piano experts with ideas?

Deflated: the Statistically Impossible Patriots Fumble Record

Data damn Brady.

Exposing Feminism's Patriarchy Myth on Campus

What’s rape got to do with it? Everything.

Which of These 4 Southern Sunrise Shots Is Your Favorite? Can You Do Better?

by PJ Lifestyle Sunshine 2.0

Do you think you can photograph a more beautiful sunrise?

Learn These Secrets on How to Survive Aggressive People

I am reading the second edition of psychologist Shawn T. Smith’s book Surviving Aggressive People: Practical Violence Prevention Skills for the Workplace and the Street and found the updated sections on helping treat aggressive people with neuro-behavioral disorders to be of great interest. The rest of the book is helpful too, particularly if you work with someone you are concerned about.