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My Grandfather’s Brush with Death While Fighting in the Pacific Skies

Entire sections of America’s citizenry might never have been born, but for flukes of timing and marksmanship.

Fake Show About Reality Shows Coming to Lifetime

A scripted show about how scripted unscripted shows are.


5 Spiritual Lessons of Pregnancy Every Mom Should Learn

Time to re-think the fears of impending motherhood.

Will the 21st Century Reunite Church and State?

Scholars and actors agree: It’s time to rethink the divorce of morality and politics.

Interview with Thomas Fleming, Author of The Great Divide: The Conflict Between Washington and Jefferson

Part One: Basic philosophical differences in governing and the Constitution.

Avengers: Age of Ultron and the Point of Human Existence

Consider how a “childish” comic book movie tackles mankind’s most profound philosophical question.

7 Things I Want to Say to That Guy Watching Porn at the Library

#2: Does your mother know you do this?

HBO to Air Political Drama Starring Star Wars’ Oscar Issac

Apparently, public housing can tear a city apart.

Did You Receive Your ‘Wife Bonus’ This Year?

Measuring mom’s worth with financial rewards.

Nerd’s Nerd Simon Pegg Renounces Geekdom, Rips on Comic Book Films

Now pardon him while he goes off to star in the next Star Trek film.

Pitch Perfect Beats Mad Max Opening Weekend

Didn’t see that coming.

Common Core Is Making Kindergarten Way Too Academically Hardcore

What ever happened to learning by building with blocks, drawing, and playing make-believe?

No Need to Read Anything Else Because Here's What Will Happen with the Duggars

19 Predictions & Counting

Interview with Thomas Fleming, Author of The Great Divide: The Conflict Between Washington and Jefferson

Part Two: Ideological Purity vs. Actually Governing

Reality TV Hits New Tasteless Height: 'What's Next, Big Brother Auschwitz?'

Life under Nazi occupation, now on prime time!

How One Iraqi War Vet is Helping His Fellow Soldiers to Armor Down

Honoring the fallen, serving the living this Memorial Day.

Smart Tips for a Quick Trip Through the TSA

by Arlene Becker Zarmi

How to avoid becoming a target of airport security.

7 Heartbreaking Films of Military Valor

Remembering why we remember on Memorial Day.

Want to Avoid Raising a Brat? Here's What You Need to Know

by Avner Zarmi

Raising respectful children in a chutzpah culture.

Three Words You Should Never Say to a Young Mom

by Tricia Lott Williford

There’s a struggling parent out there who needs to read this today.

The Real #WarOnWomen in One Easy Tweet

The mixed message narrative used to abuse today’s moms.

NYT Buries Research Revealing That Kids Need More Time With Mom, Less Dependence on Government

Someone ought to tell the New York Times that manipulating statistics won’t change the facts.

Scotch and Soda: TV’s Mad Men Concludes

Mad Men as a TV series sold us something it really wasn’t, and we discovered we liked it anyway. Don Draper would have approved.

Why We're Addicted to Nihilism: The Psychology Behind Mad Men's Empty, Pointless Ending

The sick truth is, no Mad Men fan was ever rooting for Don.