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10 Science-Themed Rock Songs For Your Internet Debates

by Allston

Use these tracks to emphasize your points next time you’re wasting your time arguing with an idiot online.

The Mechanical Cow Imagined in the 1920s…

by PJ Lifestyle Cartoon at Noon

Ub Iwerks and Walt Disney dreamed of a robot future in the days before sound cartoons and Mickey Mouse…


2 Wonderful Sunrises From Today in Oregon

by PJ Lifestyle Sunshine

The mix of fog and sunrise over this pick-up truck is stunning. Send in your Sunrise and sunset shots to @DaveSwindle on Twitter or tag @DaveSwindlePJM on Instagram.

You’ll Be Shocked At How Many Are on Government Disability for Mental Problems…

This headline at CNS news about the increasing disability rolls is kind of fitting.

Are These The 10 Greatest Clash Songs?

by Allston's Afternoon Rockout

Challenge: Rank from best to worst? Or argue for other songs’ inclusion?

Here’s How One Small-Government Conservative Chose to Die

Link Byfield: Countercultural right up to the end.

The Parents’ Impossible Choice: Increase Your Premature Baby’s Risk of Death or Blindness?

by Theodore Dalrymple

Informed consent is the totem pole around which medical ethicists now dance naked by moonlight, but it has its problems, both theoretical and practical.

Today’s Sunrise in Inglewood Was Breathtakingly Beautiful

by PJ Lifestyle Sunshine

Five photos and a video with the Siberian Husky. Can YOU do better? Tweet your sunrise/sunset and pet shots to @DaveSwindlePJM on Twitter.

What Classic Animation from the ’20s, ’30s, and ’40s Should We Explore This Year?

by PJ Lifestyle Cartoon at Noon

We begin with looking at Disney’s pre-Mickey era, when he and Ub Iwerks sold Oswald the Lucky Rabbit cartoons to universal.

What Will High-Tech Warfare Look Like In Coming Decades?

The end of Stealth?

Would Your Life Be Better Without Facebook?

No Face, No Book, No Friends.

Why Calling Chris Kyle a Coward Was the Lesser of Michael Moore’s Twitter Sins

by David Forsmark

Sympathy for the Devil.

Whatever Happened to a Hint of Sex?

By liberating their sexuality, have feminists lost their sex appeal?

Objection! Why TV's The Good Wife Isn't Good Law

Let’s face it. We didn’t learn everything we need to know in kindergarten…

VIDEO: Here's the Proof That Big Government Can't Fix Poverty

Don’t miss the first in a 3-part series from Reason.

Composer Combat: Frédéric Chopin vs Gabriel Fauré

by PJ Lifestyle Classical Music In the Morning

We’re going to start comparing and contrasting different great musicians in head-to-head, video game style match-ups. Which side will you take?

What If You Could Ride Words Like Horses?

by PJ Lifestyle Cartoon at Noon

In “Oh Teacher,” the second Oswald the Lucky Rabbit short, spoken words become living creatures!

Who Are Your Dream Directors To Shoot Star Wars Spin-Offs?

Thought for the Day.

Why Whiskey Is Better Purchased with a Wingman

The Charter Pappy Van Winkle Acquisition

I Got Them Frigid Wintertime Blues

by Allston

A brandy and soda, some good tunes, what could be finer to while away a cold winter’s night?

How Many People Hear Voices 'Regularly'?

And should they be encouraged to talk back to them?

Generation W: Raising a Nation of Wusses

Coddled kids are the bad sign for America’s future.

4 Snowy Midwestern Sunrises From Today

by PJ Lifestyle Sunshine

Tweet your photos of Blizzard 2015 to @DaveSwindle on Twitter or tag @DaveSwindlePJM on Instagram.

Which of These 3 Calming Cesar Cui Compositions Is Your Favorite?

by PJ Lifestyle Classical Music In the Morning

We continue exploring our pal Charlie Martin’s 10 recommendations, here’s the sixth. What do you think?