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Fresh Star Wars Rumors: Boba Fett, Han Solo, Yoda All Getting Origin Flicks

As cash grabs go, these seem like sure bets.

I Accidentally Dated a Drug Dealer: The Flirty Side of Marijuana

by Tricia Lott Williford

Single-mom problems.


The Violet Crow Takes a Borscht Belt Twist on Film Noir for the Ultimate Summer Mystery

It isn’t often that you come across a beach read with a brain.

Was This Game of Thrones Episode the Best TV Hour in Recent Memory?

Thank you, cable networks, for producing shows that truly strive to keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

Should Personal Trainers and Coaches Be Licensed by the State?

by Mark Rippetoe

When Big Government joins forces with Big Business.

What Is an ‘Artisanal Mantry’ and Does Your Man Need One?

Check out what Martha Stewart thinks the guys need for Father’s Day.

Tomorrow, Say Hello to a Stranger

Experience the joy of unexpected human contact.

Comedy Gurus Turn American Morals into a Big, Fat Joke

What happens when comedians become the nation’s leading authority on values.

Shocker: Morality Goes Out the Window, Americans Embrace Social Liberalism

by Michael van der Galien

The hippies have taken over: anything goes.

The Future in Tomorrowland Is Bright, Optimistic, and Fun — Just Like Walt Disney Envisioned It!

Disney’s new film makes more sense when you understand the bold ideas that inspired it.

Pew Says Only 70% of Americans Are Christian, Jesus Says It’s Much Less Than That

The gate to eternal life remains narrow.

Interview: Jimmy Wallace on the Annual Dallas International Guitar Festival

If you have any interest in the electric guitar, Dallas is the place to be this weekend.

How This Bad Parenting Technique Can Turn Kids into Alcoholics

A mom’s worst fear realized: Dear God, what therapy am I preparing them for?!

AMC Theaters Under Investigation for Antitrust

Should big business be illegal?

Start Here if You're Considering a Trip to Jerusalem

by Arlene Becker Zarmi

A practical guide to this breathtaking historical city.

Anti-GMO Hysteria: Doing to Food What the Green Movement Does to Energy

Life was so much better when there wasn’t enough to eat. Wait, what?

People Love Books, So Where Are the Bookstores?

Print is still popular, but the chains have all downsized.

Why Are Gay Atheists More Comfortable with the Bible than Christians and Jews Are?

What the Catholic Church’s reaction to Ireland’s gay marriage referendum says about the future of Judeo-Christianity.

Admit It: You're Wearing Yoga Pants or Pajama Bottoms Right Now and You Need a Wardrobe Makeover

How to overhaul your frumpy mom wardrobe.

Inside the Dark and Scary World of Mommy Tech

Who doesn’t need an app to monitor baby’s vitals 24/7?

Have the Duggars Made Christianity Look Bad?

Michael Reagan thinks so.

Captain Kirk to Romance Wonder Woman in 2017

He can handle her.

Fox News Contributor Goes Off on Christians

So Bible verses are “vile” now?

Obama’s New Propaganda Machine

How the White House Use of Social Media Makes the Partisan Divide in America Worse.