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10 Jobs More Dangerous Than Cop: Does That Matter?

Sure, a lumberjack may be in more persistent danger than a cop, but not from trees shooting at him.

A Doctor Who Advises Parents to Trust…Their Intuition?

Spending time with, not money on your kids.


Dear Starbucks, You Lost Me at Planned Parenthood

I will no longer be supporting Starbucks (and that pains me because I was truly addicted) until you stop funding this monstrous organization.

Everything You Need to Know About Visiting a Spa

by Arlene Becker Zarmi

Once a getaway only for the rich, spas are now accessible to those with moderate incomes.

Stop the Professional Baby Killers of Planned Parenthood

by Michael van der Galien

These maniacs are carrying out a genocide against the unborn.

Journeying Down the Roleplaying Railroad

When the dungeon master sends his players down the dreaded Roleplaying Railroad.

Cecil the Lion: Idol for a Child-Killing Culture

Rending robes over one dead lion while millions unborn are torn asunder.

Boy Scouts Capitulate on Gay Leaders — Liberals Still Angry

by Tyler O'Neil

May lose Mormons, gain…nothing.

Auto-Hacking: Car Wars Continue

Automakers seek to avoid cyber conflict by replacing defective software.

Navy Tests Drones Launched From Submarines

Terminators under the sea.

15 Easter Eggs in Marvel’s Ant-Man

Did you see anything I missed?

P.C. Police Go After Mel Brooks’ The Producers

“We cannot laugh about [Nazis].”

Parents, Here's Your Horrifying Infographic of the Day

The Internet is dumbing-down our kids and their teachers are totally cool with that.

We Can't Have Kids Because Global Warming and Other Paranoias

Why an entire generation is convinced they’ll screw up.

Mitt Romney as Mitt Romney in New Colbert Spot

Taking work where he can get it.

Rowdy Roddy Piper 1954-2015

by Mark Ellis

The off-kilter villain you loved to hate joins other great wrestlers who died too young.

Do Sweetened Drinks Cause Type II Diabetes?

by Theodore Dalrymple

And are artificially-sweetened drinks and fruit juices suitable substitutes?

Rebecca Watson: 'Planned Parenthood Is Not Selling Baby Parts, You F*cking Idiots'

What are they…chicken parts?

Five Ways Introverts Can Choose to Love When They Just Want to Disappear

by Tricia Lott Williford

The world is full of people. Learn how to love them.

What's Driving the Outrage Over Cecil the Lion?

There has to be more to it than just poaching.

The Benghazi Movie 13 Hours Looks Incredible

Could this be our next American Sniper?

Transparent Creator Calls Male Stories 'Immoral'

“Producers and directors have to really face the immorality… of hiring their friends, of telling male stories…”

Conan O'Brien Sued for Stealing Jokes from Blogger

Laughter is serious business.

Why Have Americans Become So Sensitive?

We used to be able to put up with things that offended us. Not anymore.