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Will The Future of Religion Mean More Pointless Murder?

This is the second of four excerpts from Frank J. Fleming’s new science fiction novel SuperEgo. Here was the first. Join us again on Thursday evening for the next.

Breaking: Actor Harrison Ford Seriously Injured in Plane Crash (Updated)

Crashed a vintage fighter plane into a golf course.


The Future of Religion: Why Judeo-Christian Values Are More Important Than Science

Wisdom and knowledge are not the same thing…

The Kiss that Launched a Thousand ‘Sh*ts’

The same-sex kiss heard ’round the world.

Curt Schilling Shows Us How to Take Down Nasty Twitter Trolls Who Harass Women

by Carlos Perez

As the former MLB pitcher shows, we have to do a better job of raising our boys to be honorable men.

NTSB Considers Reopening Buddy Holly Plane Crash Investigation

The day the music died.

Top 5 Movie Food Fights

These scenes go way beyond the pie in the face.

7 Reasons Why Backstrom Is Perfect Counter-Culture Conservative TV

“I don’t see the worst in everyone. I see the everyone in everyone.”

Gay Activist’s Claims of Being Abducted Turn Out to Be a Hoax

Social media postings saying he was kidnapped go viral.

Should Parents Pay a Price for Giving Their Child Independence?

The parents who let their kids walk to and from a park unsupervised put on notice by children’s services in Maryland.

8 Frank Rules for How Not to Tweet

The beginning of a new series of writing tips and advice from one of the funniest, most creative voices online today.

New Pediatric Study Reveals Surprising Findings about Vaccinations

by Carlos Perez

Pediatricians are complying with the wishes of parents to change vaccination schedules at the expense of their kids.

Not Religion's Future: ISIS and the Art of Destruction

by Spencer Klavan

The very stones cry out.

How Much Did You Spend on Your Pet Last Year?

How much did pet owners spend on their pets?

Ringling Brothers to Phase Out Elephant Acts by 2018

Pressure from PETA to stop the abuse finally pays off.

What Is the Future of Religion?

Will science replace spirituality as humans and technology continue to advance?

Is This the Most Bizarre Bar Mitzvah Video of the Year?

Be sure to stick with it through the end. Try not to hide your eyes.

How to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

A serious scientific paper that looks at the progress a Zombie infestation would make in the US.

Nixon Went to China, Will Pope Francis Follow?

Don’t read too much into Francis not meeting with the Dalai Lama…

Independence Day 2 Casting Complete

Jessie Usher signs on to play Will Smith’s stepson.

Baby Weasel Hitches a Ride...on the Back of a Woodpecker

Love at first sight?

Spock’s Trek Through the Stars in 10 Clips

A look back at the character’s journey through generations.

Hey, Christy Carlson Romano -- Is That You Turning Fifty Shades of Blue?

by Michael Walsh

Somewhere, Hilary Duff is laughing

A Film About a Film that Recreated Shot For Shot Raiders of the Lost Ark

A geekingly awesome, must see documentary.