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VIDEO: Coach Rippetoe Puts PJ Media on Starting Strength (Part Two)

What’s it like to learn from the best — in your own home gym? With cameras rolling, the legendary strength coach visits, and gives PJM readers a private seminar. ( Click here for Part One.)

Welcome to Balloon Land! Beware of the Pincushion Man!

by PJ Lifestyle Cartoon at Noon

The Top 10 Most Evil Comic Book Villains

What qualities make for a truly malevolent opponent?

A Hyperlapse Sunrise On the Morning Drive to Stockholm

by PJ Lifestyle Sunshine

Please email in your sunrise and sunset photos and hyperlapses: PJLifestyleSunshine [@]

‘Haunting Melissa 2′ Is Looking Great!

The sequel to the award winning horror app is coming soon!

A Life Based on ‘Crossing the Street’

Once vibrant and diverse, black culture has devolved into something disturbingly conformist and stunted. Despite criticism from his “brederin,” England’s Don Letts has always stepped over the artificial racial boundaries drawn around music, film, fashion and taste.

2 Hyperlapses: Sunrise in Rhode Island, Sunset in Thailand

by PJ Lifestyle Sunshine

Please email in your sunrise and sunset photos and hyperlapses: PJLifestyleSunshine [@]

What It Means to Say You’re an Old Person in a Young Person’s Body

by Spencer Klavan

Generation Geezer.

The Beginning of the Sunrise in Wyoming

by PJ Lifestyle Sunshine

Please email in your sunrise and sunset photos and hyperlapses: PJLifestyleSunshine [@]

Read All You Want, the Forces of Writing Darkness Will Write More

by Sarah Hoyt and Charlie Martin

Book Plug Friday, with mustache twirling.

‘Techno-Cracked’: When Flip the Frog Built a Robot

by PJ Lifestyle Cartoon at Noon

After exploring all 75 of Disney’s Silly Symphony cartoons during the spring and over 30 Fleischer Studio shorts this summer we now consider the darker work of Ub Iwerks this fall. This release appeared May 8, 1933.

Putting Out the Fire Phone

Nice try, Amazon, but hardly anybody is buying your smartphone.

When the Taco Bell Drive-Thru Becomes Art

Capitalism is all about heart.

The 5 Most Epic Scenes in The Iliad (And What They Say About Heroism)

by Spencer Klavan

What does it mean to be a hero?

The Top 10 Most Worthy Bond Villains

Nobody does it better. But these are the best ten who tried.

The Most Comfortable Chair For Writers On the Go?

Sumo’s Omni Reloaded is a portable beanbag chair so comfy you won’t want to get out of it. But is it practical for travel? Here are 11 pics of when Maura and I took it for a test drive to the park this week.

Your 6 Song Introduction to Traffic

by Allston

“I think a lot of people came into rock n’ roll to try to change the world. I came into rock n’ roll to make music.” — Steve Winwood

Man Loses Half His Skull. 3D Printing Gives Him the Lost Half Back


Gender Affects Types of Crashes for Young Drivers

Men less likely to wear seat belts than women.

10 Ways to Have a Child on the Cheap

by Bethany Mandel

How to pay for a baby without breaking the bank.

Big Country's Big Enduring Scottish Rock

The Edge said that the Scottish rock band Big Country “wrote the songs that U2 wished we could write.” An interview with the band’s co-founder and guitarist Bruce Watson.

Top 5 Things to Watch in College Football’s Opening Weekend

by Lyndsi Stevens

Do you smell that? It’s college football season!

The Actual Top 10 NES Games

by Ash Freeman

What were the best titles of the 8-bit gaming era?

The 10 Best Fast Food Restaurants

by Jeremy Swindle

Let the debate begin.