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Gay Activist’s Claims of Being Abducted Turn Out to be a Hoax

Social media postings saying he was kidnapped go viral.

Should Parents Pay a Price for Giving Their Child Independence?

The parents who let their kids walk to and from a park unsupervised put on notice by children’s services in Maryland.


8 Frank Rules For How Not to Tweet

The beginning of a new series of writing tips and advice from one of the funniest, most creative voices online today.

New Pediatric Study Reveals Surprising Findings about Vaccinations

by Carlos Perez

Pediatricians are complying with the wishes of parents to change vaccination schedules at the expense of their kids.

What the Left Doesn’t Get About Robert A. Heinlein

by Michael Walsh

If you can’t fight a war without whining about PTSD and you can’t exterminate the Bugs of Starship Troopers without remorse, then there is no hope for humanity.

Art for Art’s Sake: Artist Paints Clinton Portrait with ‘Shadow of Blue Dress’

The man who made a career out of playing vicious “gotcha” games has been gotten.

6 Ways ISIS Is More Humane than the Prophet

by David Forsmark

You are about to enter an authentic “No Spin Zone.”

My Family, My Tribe

by Sarah Hoyt and Charlie Martin

Book Plug Sunday!

4 Astounding Archaeological Discoveries In the Holy Land

by P. David Hornik

When biblical reality comes to life.

How The Western Intelligentsia Denies Islam’s History of War and Crime

Voices on both “Left” and “Right” want you to stick your head in the sand and ignore centuries of imperialism and brutality.

Net Neutrality: 3 Reasons It’s Time for the Ron Swanson Internet Warriors to Fight Back

by Nathan Lichtman

Where is the Parks and Recreation star when we need him?

Leonard Nimoy Dead at 83

Live long and prosper, Spock.

Baby Weasel Hitches a Ride...on the Back of a Woodpecker

Love at first sight? Or “Lunch is served!”

Spock’s Trek Through the Stars in 10 Clips

A look back at the character’s journey through generations.

Hey, Christy Carlson Romano -- Is That You Turning Fifty Shades of Blue?

by Michael Walsh

Somewhere, Hilary Duff is laughing

A Film About a Film that Recreated Shot For Shot Raiders of the Lost Ark

A geekingly awesome, must see documentary.

Chicago White Sox Baseball Great Minnie Minoso Dead at 89

Another larger than life Chicago baseball icon passes away.

Hippie Dreams Come True: Pot Now Legal in D.C.

Don’t bogart that joint, Congressman.

The House Loses: Why Season 3 of House of Cards Utterly Disappoints

Has Netflix’s flagship show jumped the shark?

The Case Against Synagogue: 4 Reasons My Jewish Family Doesn't Go

Fitting in or fencing in?

Atheists Can Be Moral, Too

How can something beyond perception be the source of objective morality?

Cold Temps, Warm Metal and Buttery Flesh: How To Do Winter BBQ

Here’s your guide to cooking some winter meat!

Game of Thrones: Looks Like it's Going to be a Very Long Winter Beyond the Wall

Who will die first?

Confessions of a Former High School Teacher: 10 Tips for Parents

Here’s how to get an edge up on making sure your child thrives.