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10 Horror Movie Cliches That Can Die This Halloween

Found footage apparently pieces together the mysteries of the night and mysteries of life.

6 Movies on Our Love-Hate Affair with Mars

Long before The Martian Hollywood was fascinated with the Red Planet.


Death Drinks Tea at the White House

Whether via abortion, gun control or deals with terror states, we are the sheep being led to slaughter as Obama signs off on America’s destruction.

Showtime’s ‘The Affair’ Is the Best Infidelity Deterrence on TV

Nobody’s riding off into the sunset on this expertly crafted series.

Is ‘Game of Thrones’ Really ‘Progressive’?

by Tyler O'Neil

Many of the connections between the struggles in the HBO hit and liberal/progressive causes are tenuous at best.

Time to Ditch Terms Like ‘Islamophobia’

Certain terms are meant to end discussion before it begins.

Would You Watch a Jack Ryan Television Show?

The Hunt for Red October on the small screen, sort of.

Judge Napolitano’s Libertarian Catholicism

Jesus came “to set you free.”

Jon Stewart Accepts Emmy, Offers Parting Shot at Trump

Asked if he’ll miss covering the Republican front-runner.

8 Films to See Before ‘The Hateful Eight’ Hits the Screen

If you’ve seen these movies, you know where Quentin Tarantino is coming from.

The American Luxury Automobile Is Alive and Well

by Andrew Chen

Detroit’s luxury cars are ready to reclaim their place at the top with unbeatable value and performance.

3 Things Every Christian Should Hate About the Kentucky Marriage License Spectacle

And how do we reconcile Christianity with the religious liberty wars?

Sukkot Is a Joyous Family Time

by Arlene Becker Zarmi

Sukkot is one of the most delightful Jewish holidays.

How Not to Be an Absolute Jerk in an Online Multi-Player Roleplaying Game

Don’t want to be seen as a jerk in online roleplaying games? I can show you how!

Why are Cars so Last Century?

Forget about self-driving flying machines, the auto industry lags in adapting off-the-shelf technology.

South Park Is Killing It Right Now

New season targets Caitlyn Jenner and Donald Trump.

Fraud Is all Around Us and in the Places We Least Suspect

by Theodore Dalrymple

Can you really trust pharmaceutical clinical trials when the test subjects are paid?

Good News from Campus: University Stands Up for Speech

“…shielding students from controversial material will deter them from becoming critical thinkers…”

'Happy Birthday' Song Now Legal for Everyone

You probably didn’t realize the song was under copyright all these years.

Don’t Like Gays in ‘Star Wars’? You’re a Homophobe

by Tyler O'Neil

Author Chuck Wendig strikes back at critics: “You’re the sh**ty, oppressive, totalitarian Empire.”

The Lessons Lost in the Aftermath of Ann Coulter’s F-Bomb

Has social media killed our critical thinking skills?

5 Essential Life Lessons I Never Learned in School

It’s crazy that schools aren’t teaching this stuff.

New Insulin Pump Could Offer Improved Control of Blood Sugar Levels

by Theodore Dalrymple

Will this be a giant step forward in the treatment of Type I diabetes?

Making It Up As You Go Along: How To Fake a Roleplaying Campaign On Five Minutes Notice

Do you need to improvise a roleplaying game session really quickly and don’t want anybody noticing? This might be the article for you!