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Would You Rather Be a Man or a Woman Facing a Sexual Assault Trial?

And what does that say about how we treat victims?

Bullying and Teen Suicide Explained: It’s Public Schools

We teach conformity, then wonder how we get bullies.


Two Hot Flicks Feature Black Leads, But #2 ‘War Room’ Out-Shocks ‘Compton’

You could call “War Room” a counter-culture film that defies conventional wisdom. It might just give you a way out.

Christian Film War Room Shocks Hollywood with #2 Box Office Open

The experts didn’t see this coming.

Are Pro-Lifers Imposing Involuntary Servitude?

I admit. I’ve thought of my children as slave drivers. But really?

Trigger Warning Parody: Imagine a World Where That Mean, White, Cisgendered Syllabus Can’t Hurt You

You’re probably going to want to have your trauma pillow nearby when you watch this.

Explore the Wonders of Flight at the Experimental Aviation Museum in Oshkosh

by Arlene Becker Zarmi

If you’ve ever had a yen to fly in an open air cockpit plane, you can do it here.

Conan Spoofs Trump/Ramos Fight

Low hanging fruit.

This ‘Smallest Political Quiz’ Might Be Too Small

Real life is a little more complicated than this.

Burqas in Driver’s License Photos Raise Questions

An unidentifiable photo identification. Only in Illinois.

Interview: Mitch Gallagher, Editorial Director of Internet Music Giant Sweetwater.com

Getting started in home recording, and how a ’66 VW bus led to an Internet retailing empire.

Five Times Twelve — Reflections on My 60th Birthday

A lot has happened in those 60 years. Things are better now.

Here's the Real Reason We Don't Need a Black James Bond

Maybe later. Not now.

Southeastern Conference Football Preview: 10 Big Questions for the 2015 Season

College football is the most wonderful time of the year!

Government Exercise: See the NIH's Embarrassing Fitness Recommendations

by Mark Rippetoe

If “exercises” less strenuous than your daily activity actually worked, you’d already be fit.

Is HuffPo Suggesting That More Sexual Assaults Against Men Would Balance the Scales?

Instead of abusing the “rape” issue, let’s have a discussion that actually helps the victims.

Comparing Trump to Reagan Should Be a Slappable Offense

Reminders of things you probably have buried in your brain under the sludge of the Trump publicity avalanche.

Jerky Illusions: Uncle Andy's Unfortunate URL

Mind games.

Yes, You May Look It Up on the Internet: Confessions of a Puzzle-Evader

Hi, my name is Moe Lane, and I look up video game puzzle solutions on the Internet.

Class Warfare, Disney-Style?

One blogger seems to think that high prices at the Disney Parks mean that the company is aiming solely at the rich.

Protests Against Planned Parenthood a Sign the Tide Is Turning on Abortion

These pictures from Saturday’s march in Aurora, Illinois are nothing short of inspiring.

Star Wars May Be About to Resurrect a Dead Actor

There is no death, there is only the Force.

Measuring a Hospital's Quality

by Theodore Dalrymple

Is it even possible?

Fans Defy Anti-Religious Ruling, Sing Halftime Hymn

This isn’t what Jefferson had in mind by “wall of separation.”