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These Beautiful Photos Will Reignite Your Love For Our Gorgeous Planet

by Michael van der Galien

Mother Nature takes my breath away.

Is This Billboard Sexist or Good-Natured Fun?

Feminist college students protest “Your Wife Wants Me” billboards.


You Have to Know How to Wage War to Win the Final Four

Coach K’s passion for winning goes back to his days at West Point.

Want to Win Big Money Tonight? Read These Tips!

by Max Steinberg

Daily fantasy sports expert and professional poker player Max Steinberg shares statistical tips for winning the big Wednesday tournaments at Fanduel and DraftKings.

If You’re Really Serious About Getting Rid of Common Core, Here’s What It’s Going to Cost You

How far are you willing to go to get the feds out of your local schools?

Should Pregnant Women Who Smoke Be Fined for Endangering Their Children?

by Michael van der Galien

Protecting the unborn.

You’ll Be Shocked to See What They Are Paying Babysitters These Days

Can this be right?

NFL Star Retires at 24, Leaves Millions on the Table. Why?

Is quitting the NFL brainless?

Ballplayer’s Harrowing Escape From Cuba

Chicago White Sox player Jose Abreu proved himself a winner on the field and in the small boat in which he and his family fled Cuba.

Guess Which Decapitated Simpsons Character Is Now Our Siberian Husky’s Favorite Chew Toy

Please tweet your cute pet photos to me on Twitter or Instagram.

VIDEO: Feminism Needs This Disney Princess Power

How the new Cinderella empowers women.

Study Proves Men Who Are Nice to Women Are Sexist & Evil

by Spencer Klavan

When feminism weaponizes science in the war against chivalry.

Can Feminism Exist Without Institutions of Higher Education?

Taking the religion out of the institution.

The X-Files Returns with New Episodes, Here Are the Top Five to Watch on Netflix to Prepare

by Liz Sheld

Trust No1, except me, when I tell you what X-Files episodes to watch.

VIDEO: Israeli Sisters Mash Up Yemeni Folk With Hip-Hop Beats

The three Jews who landed on the Facebook page for Arab Hipsters.

Cornered Animal: The Frenzied Fight in Conservative Activists

Years of frustration among conservative activists is culminating in reckless and ineffective tactics.

Is the 'Female Way of Learning' Destroying Boyhood?

A manufactured crisis always creates a real crisis.

VIDEO: Would You Enroll in Preschool for Adults?

What does fingerpainting have to do with being an adult?

Watch What Happens When 3 Muslim Spokesmen Are Asked About Islam’s Death Penalty for Apostasy

A case study in Islamic supremacist deception.

VIDEO: What's More Sexist, Meghan Trainor Singing to Her Future Husband, or JCPenney's Butt-Firming Jeans for Teens?

Armchair feminists, attack!

March Madness: The Rich Get Richer

The big-time programs and conferences dominate the Sweet Sixteen.

Men Who Don’t Pay

by Ying Ma

Liberal ideology leaves men without any qualms about behaving without chivalry, courtesy or decency.

7 Lessons Learned Watching People Ahead of Me in Court

by Michael T. Hamilton

Justice is supposed to be blind, but that doesn’t mean you should be, too! Keep your eyes open and learn from others’ mistakes.

How to Know That You're Racist

We know racism when we see [white people do] it.