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Which Of These Astonishing Guitarists Outperforms the Other?

by Allston

The Battle of the Guitar Masters continues…

The Brownshirts Are Back. And They’re In Our Universities.

Why must history perpetually repeat itself?


Why Offending People Is Suddenly Okay (As Long As Those People Are Jewish)

by Spencer Klavan

Memories Pizza, The Daily Show, and the hilarious hypocrisy of today’s progressive pop culture.

Dennis Prager’s Inspiring 10 Commandments Project Sets a New Media Standard

It really is the moral foundation you need to save your life and find peace.

Has Pope Francis Opened a Door That He Might Not Be Able To Close?

That could be the question as this fall’s Synod for the Family approaches.

The Case Against Freedom, Part V: Slavery Is Freedom

If your idea of “rights” requires others to provide, congratulations, you’re a slaver.

An Arizona Family Was Shocked to Find This Note Stuffed in Their Mailbox

You won’t believe why the neighbor threatened to call the police on their child.

5 Deadly Director’s Cuts You Should Avoid At All Costs

What inspires some filmmakers to ruin their most popular works?

The Best New York Cinema is Indie Cinema

Big Hollywood directors could never capture the essence of the Promised Land.

Is YouTube a ‘Garbage Can,’ as Jerry Seinfeld Says?

More like a flea market.

Jeff Beck Vs Stevie Ray – You Decide!

by Allston

A new series of guitar and rock ‘n’ roll head-to-head battles.

3 Reasons Why We Haven’t Conquered Space Yet, #3: Show Me the Money!

Check out the first two parts of the series: “Uncle Sam is No Queen Isabella“ and “Safety Third.”

The 6 Worst Oscar-Winning Best Pictures

The worst of the best of Hollywood.

Why The ‘5 Best Baseball Movies’ Are Actually Terrible

Some of the most overrated sports flicks of all time…

Finally, the Dollar Gains Value in Western Europe

That’s good news for you travelers. But still be careful…

10 Rules for Victory I Learned from General George S. Patton & Cruella De Vil

by Lisa Richards

A counterculture crusader manifesto.

Christian Persecution Is a Resurrected Form of Antisemitism

A response from a Jew to her Christian colleagues.

3 Reasons Why You Should Stream Joseph: King of Dreams On Netflix Today

by Michael van der Galien

Start off your Sunday with some much needed spiritual food for thought.

Want to Win Big Money Tonight on FanDuel and DraftKings?

by Max Steinberg

Here’s five daily fantasy MLB picks for Friday, 4/15 from poker champ and fantasy pro Max Steinberg. A trip to the Playboy Mansion is at stake.

How the 1970s Killed Science Fiction

The series concludes with the decade when the genre died.

The 10 Best Steven Spielberg Films

Steven Spielberg’s uniquely successful film career has had its share of misses, but even if he never made another picture he could make a strong case to be considered the greatest director who has ever lived.

Here's Why Blacks Aren't Voting Republican

Recognition of modern racial disparities matters more than historical achievements.

The Common Core Resistance Now Has a Song!

“We say we want a revolution…”

Why Do All Men's Colognes Smell the Same?

I don’t want to smell like an eighteen-year-old clubber.