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Christians Owe Gays a Particular Apology

The Christian focus should not be on the law of man, but on the heart of man.

5 Comedies to Get You Ready for Campaign 2016

The line between fiction and Washington can be very, very blurry.


Top Gun 2 Will Be Terrible

Sequel to Tom Cruise jet-jockey 1986 action-film hit is bound to crash and burn.

Take It From Me: Fitness Is Easier Than You Think

by Michael van der Galien

Stop being a couch potato. Working out makes life easier, not more difficult!

Do You Need Aggressive Cancer Screening After DVT or Pulmonary Embolus?

by Theodore Dalrymple

Or will doing so actually increase your risk of cancer?

Veterinarian Kills Cat with Bow And Arrow; Doesn’t Get Prosecuted

by Michael van der Galien

“The only good feral tomcat is one with an arrow through its head!”

20 Tricks to Help You Beat the Blues

by Arlene Becker Zarmi

Try one of these—or all of them—next time you’re feeling down.

[VIDEO] ‘Daddy’s Little Girl’ Reminds Us That Our Babies Grow Up Way Too Fast

You’re going to need some tissues for this.

Conservatives Have Greater Self-Control Than Liberals, Studies Suggest

It’s science.

How to Handle a Dad Who is a Total Tech Geek

One great website provides tech dads with a funny take on Baby 101.

Can Dual Prescriptions for Opioids and Tranquilizers Increase Your Risk of Dying?

by Theodore Dalrymple

Some things to consider before you ask your doctor for these prescriptions.

Secular Media Could Not Ignore Charleston’s Powerful Expression of Christianity This Week

True Religion stood up and was counted with the “Charleston Witness Statement.”

Killer-Robot Actually Kills Somebody

Industrial accident sparks mini-news frenzy.

Amy Schumer Wants to Be the Next Bachelorette

But she has some conditions.

An Open Letter to Pretty Much Everybody About the Marriage Debate

The only love that wins is the perfect, eternal love that never fails.

Ye Liveliest Awfulness: a Look at Lovecraft in Video Game RPGs

There is a specter haunting RPGs… no, not Karl Marx: H.P. Lovecraft.

Marvel Studios Clarifies Spider-Man Deal with Sony

Sounds like they might get it right this time.

[VIDEO] Amazing 13 Year Old Demolishes Common Core in 3 Minutes

“How about some real social justice? You are supposed to leave us a country better than you received it.”

A Black Libertarian's Thoughts on the Confederate Flag

No one “won” the Civil War.

Is Obama Disappointed by the Christian Response in Charleston?

POTUS tries to get the focus back on himself with his childish and divisive antics.

Are Focus and Discipline the Healthiest Side-Effects of Strength Training?

by Mark Rippetoe

Studies show your electronic devices have shortened your attention span. You need it back.

Next Indiana Jones Rumored for Late 2018

Raiders of your youthful nostalgia.

Scenes from a Guitar Festival

Photos of your humble narrator playing an extremely rare 1958 Les Paul electric guitar, and much more.

10 Things I Want to Do Just Like My Dad

What better way to celebrate Father’s Day than by taking some parenting tips from the best?