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The Downton/Star Wars Mash-Up You Have to See

Friday Fun!

If Only Al Sharpton’s Mother Gave Him a Good Smack Upside the Head

By all means, let’s dismiss the one mother in Baltimore who dared to make a difference.


Is Twitter Losing Its Influence?

I hope so. It’s a tool of real-time social destruction.

It Seems Like a No-Brainer to Me, But Some People Oppose Citizenship Tests for High School Students

They say we have Google for that now.

A Selfless Parent Is a Bad Parent

If you’re not raising your children to fulfill a desire, then neither you nor they will grow happy.

Dear Black Facebook Friends: Let’s Rethink How We Pursue Change

Responding to an open letter to White America.

Am I the Only One Who Thinks Smacking Your Kid Upside the Head Is Bad Parenting?

I’m all for discipline, but that mom in Baltimore isn’t exactly #MomOfTheYear material.

6 Sci-Fi Movies that Ought to Be a Series

Suits, take note!

How Would MLK Respond to the Baltimore Riots?

Pundits are scrambling to claim the great civil rights leader as an advocate on their side of the conflict.

Strength Training at Age 92 With Mark Rippetoe

by Mark Rippetoe

Gus has put away her walker and cane, and hasn’t fallen in a year.

Future of Fifty Shades Going Down in “Ball of Flame”

Production on this sadomasochistic franchise just turned incestuous.

How the Drug War Keeps People Poor

It sets up the wrong incentives. History shows a better way.

Forget Mom & Kid Time, It's All About Me-Time

Family Quality Time is a 20th century relic.

Exam Board Thinks Google Searches Should Be Allowed During School Exams

At the rate we’re going teachers could be obsolete in a few years.

Daily Fantasy MLB Picks, 5/1: Win Big for the Weekend

by Max Steinberg

Poker champ and daily fantasy sports pro Max Steinberg gives his picks for Friday’s big slate of games.

Once Free Speech Gets Linked to 'Identity,' We're Doomed

But that’s the goal for certain people.

Who Will Build Your Killer Robot?

The race to win the rise of the machines includes some unexpected sprinters.

Smacking Your Kids Around in Public Does Not Make You a Hero

by Michael Walsh

“If Graham beat her child like that in the aisles of CVS, you can be sure somebody would call CPS.”

Graduating with a Ph.D in New-Media Troublemaking

Why I’m leaving PJ Media to launch and develop several new collaborative projects.

Red Dawn is Real! Beijing's Invasion Has Already Started

China’s Hauwei is entering the U.S. market, is that a good thing?

Is There Too Much Jesus in Republican Politics?

Does Christian salvation rest upon American public policy?

Turns Out You Can Survive On a Diet of Girl Scout Cookies and Cheese Puffs

In case you’ve ever wondered.

Imagine an Alternate Diminsion Where New York Grew Free

What if modern laws had come a century earlier?

Remember When Tim Burton Almost Directed Nicolas Cage as Superman?

A new documentary film reveals the behind-the-scenes details of the oddest superhero film never made.