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Confirmed: Indiana Jones Will Return

Lest we forget that there’s more to the Disney/Lucasfilm deal than Star Wars.

Three Ways to Write a Book When You Don’t Have Time for It

by P. David Hornik

A how-to guide from someone who’s managed this feat.


Vanity Fair Reveals Further Star Wars: The Force Awakens Cast Details

We now know who lurks behind some of those masks seen in the trailer.

Where’s my Village? The Growing Concern about Elder Care

Elders want to age and die at home

Quit Negging America into Self-Destruction

“Your attitude, not your aptitude, determines your altitude.”

HBO’s Silicon Valley Mocks Sexism in the Tech World

But will the real Silicon Valley catch on?

Princess Leia: The Hidden in Plain Sight and Left There Heroine

Female fans have a lot of hope for that woman to woman lightsaber handoff in the second trailer

Forget Mom & Kid Time, It’s All About Me-Time

Family Quality Time is a 20th century relic.

Exam Board Thinks Google Searches Should Be Allowed During School Exams

At the rate we’re going teachers could be obsolete in a few years.

Daily Fantasy MLB Picks, 5/1: Win Big for the Weekend

by Max Steinberg

Poker champ and daily fantasy sports pro Max Steinberg gives his picks for Friday’s big slate of games.

Once Free Speech Gets Linked to ‘Identity,’ We’re Doomed

But that’s the goal for certain people.

Who Will Build Your Killer Robot?

The race to win the rise of the machines includes some unexpected sprinters.

Lambert and Stamp: The Men Who Made The Who

A flawed but rewarding new documentary explores the chaotic lives of the first managers of one of rock’s greatest groups.

In Defense of Extremism

Should we pursue a world “beyond ideology” where pragmatism prevails over principle?

These Breathtaking 3-D Liquid Floors Transport You to Exotic Locations Without Leaving Home

But I’m not sure I’d want the one with the surgeons peering at me while I’m using the bathroom.

Danger, Will Robinson! Director Dumped from Star Wars Reboot

Maybe the Force wasn’t with him.

What Has Made Adulthood So Damned Scary?

First it was adult preschool. Now it’s adult summer camp.

Suicide Squad: Has DC Gone Too Dark?

After Jared Leto’s controversial Joker pic, we now have a glimpse of the rest of Suicide Squad’s rogues gallery.

The Downton/Star Wars Mash-Up You Have to See

Friday Fun!

If Only Al Sharpton's Mother Gave Him a Good Smack Upside the Head

By all means, let’s dismiss the one mother in Baltimore who dared to make a difference.

Is Twitter Losing Its Influence?

I hope so. It’s a tool of real-time social destruction.

It Seems Like a No-Brainer to Me, But Some People Oppose Citizenship Tests for High School Students

They say we have Google for that now.

A Selfless Parent Is a Bad Parent

If you’re not raising your children to fulfill a desire, then neither you nor they will grow happy.

Dear Black Facebook Friends: Let's Rethink How We Pursue Change

Responding to an open letter to White America.