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GOT: Looks Like it’s Going to be a Very Long Winter Beyond the Wall

Which beloved (or hated) Game of Thrones character will be the first to be capped in Season 5? No use to hazard a guess because anyone in the series is likely to die at any time. That, of course, is one of the attractions of the series. The Game of Thrones universe is a brutal […]

Confessions of a Former High School Teacher: 10 Tips for Parents

Here’s how to get an edge up on making sure your child thrives.


This Surprising Piece of Advice Could Save Your Life if There’s a Cataclysmic Event

Read James Jay Carafano’s new book on disaster preparation and be ready.

Scientists Stumped by Bright Lights on Dwarf Planet

Possible volcanoes on Ceres.

What is the Future of Fiction? You’ll Be Shocked Who’s Fighting the New Conservative Counter-Culture

Which occupation do you think will yield the next Ronald Reagan?

Adrian Peterson’s Suspension Overturned by Federal Judge

Judge finds the star Vikings running back’s right were violated.

Finally: Google Just Unveiled a YouTube Kids App

by Carlos Perez

YouTube isn’t meant for kids, the YouTube Kids app is.

What Is the Future of Government? Why It Won’t Look Like Star Trek

by Frank J. Fleming

The start of a new ongoing series and group discussion that you are invited to participate in too!

Maybe Nutella Is More Dangerous Than We Thought

The terrorists’ favorite spread strikes again.

A Very Simple Mathematical Truth For Successful Strength Training

by Mark Rippetoe

Your path to fitness doesn’t have to be as complex as the “experts” say it does.

Teams Eying Rent-a-Players at NHL Trade Deadline

General managers looking for that last piece that will bring them the Stanley Cup.

Would You Pay $260 for a 1.5 Ounce Chocolate Bar?

Thirty-six separate steps to prepare.

Leonard Nimoy Dead at 83

Live long and prosper, Spock.

NASCAR Driver's Car Stolen From Hotel Parking Lot

A $250,000 car and $100,00 spare engine disappear.

Are You Kidding Me? Llamas on the Loose? In Phoenix?

Sure it’s clickbait, but it’s funny too.

What is the Future of Assassination? Meet Rico, A Genetically-Enhanced Hitman

This is the first of four excerpts from Frank J. Fleming’s new science fiction novel SuperEgo. Join us again on Thursday evening for the next.

What Is the Future of Gen-X Manhood? Adam Carolla Vs Chuck Palahniuk?

by Mark Ellis

Hey, men of Generation X: you’re running the show, so now what?

Top 5 Dog Breeds in the U.S. According to the American Kennel Club

The bulldog cracks the top 5.

What Is the Future of Superheroes? Why They Need To Start Killing Super-Villains

We want to hear from you about how comic books and the superhero genre should evolve over the coming decades. Here’s one provocative take. Do you agree?

Contemporary Feminism's War Against Women in the Name of Radical Islam

It’s easier to just throw a blanket of blame onto all men than to confront the real source of evil.

The Worst Day in the History of Chicago Sports

The city’s two best athletes, Derek Rose of the Bulls and Patrick Kane of the Blackhawks, go down with serious injuries.

University Study Says That When Parents Play Favorites, the Kids Pay the Price

by Carlos Perez

Even when it’s just perceived preferential treatment.

Your Disney Cruise: 3 Tips to Make the Magic Both Exciting and Affordable

Don’t wait until you’re facing an empty nest to give your family a dream vacation.

How Bad Ideology Destroys Good TV: Why Glee Crashed and Burned

by Spencer Klavan

Here’s the real reason for the show’s ratings decline…