7 of PJ Lifestyle's Most Popular Family Articles

With Mother’s Day this Sunday, now’s a good time to look back at where PJ Lifestyle has been and announce where it’s going.

Since last Fall PJ Lifestyle published articles on parenting, marriage, and family life. These pieces performed well and now we’re expanding. We’ll feature at least one family list article each week and more shorter posts starting debate and discussion.

Check out some of these hits from Megan Fox and Rhonda Robinson to get an idea of what’s coming:

Rhonda Robinson:

We want to give our children the very best. We want them to avoid our mistakes, our heartaches, and our trials. In short, we want them to have a life without pain. We want to believe that if we can pour in all good, we can expect all good to come out.

Unfortunately, that’s not how human nature works. The problem is found in our definition of “good,” which is usually some abstraction of prosperity, leisure, and fun. Hard work is painful, yet it yields the most satisfying results. This is not a new concept. It’s a common truth — it’s just not thought of as something we want to give to our children.

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Megan Fox:

The current wisdom says don’t make a fuss because you never know who has a gun or a knife or who’s crazy and will cut you. It’s always a possibility. But have we become so scared by the minute possibility of a random act of violence that we will just watch society degenerate into a place where chaos reigns because parents can’t take responsibility? This is the kind of environment, the Lord-of-the-Flies syndrome, that creates more thugs. Unchecked childish violence becomes unrestrained adult carnage and all of us will pay for it one day. I say, no more! I will not be silent when I witness juveniles acting badly in public. Instead of saying something just to them, the way I did with the little bulldozer boy, I will also seek out their mom or dad, take the offender to them, and make my case for that parent to do his or her job better. Sounds dangerous, doesn’t it? What can I say? I like to live on the edge.

The point is, we all live here. The world is like a big house. There are rules of the house and if the sheriff isn’t doing his job, I’m appointing myself deputy. It’s time to step up if you want to save America. We have a nation full of takers out there. Takers who would trample their neighbor for a $3 waffle iron, and it’s embarrassing. It’s embarrassing that a mother should have to be told to watch her child. Maybe embarrassment needs to make a come-back.

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