The Morning Briefing: White House Spin on Inflation Gets More Tone-Deaf by the Day

The Morning Briefing: White House Spin on Inflation Gets More Tone-Deaf by the Day
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Happy Friday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Sharknado happens every year and the government covers it up.

As you are no doubt painfully aware, things are getting a little pricey here in Joe Biden’s America. If you’re using real math, that is.

If, on the other hand, you are using politician-spin math, you are supposed to believe that everything is fine. Try not to notice that you’re paying steak prices for hamburger or that you get heart palpitations while watching the numbers go up when you’re filling up your car with gas. None of it is real, says Team Biden’s Brain.

Someone named Ron Klain is the chief of staff to President LOL Eighty-One Million, a job I would imagine is not unlike spending one’s days trying to give medicine to a diarrheic cat. Klain is the latest member of this horrible community theater production of a presidential administration to dismiss the concerns of the hoi polloi about inflation. Both A.J. and Stacey wrote yesterday about Klain stepping in it, coming at it from different angles.

First, something from A.J.’s post:

Ron Klain is at it again.

The crazed chief of staff, worshipped by left-leaning media, retweeted a post from a former member of Barack Obama’s administration who claimed the current inflation and supply chain crises only affect “high class” people.

This is an obnoxious dismissal of the concerns of tens of millions — including yours truly, who saw his haircut jump from $18 to $23 this week — of Americans worried about price spikes on daily necessities this year.

The administration continually dismisses the fact that we are all astute enough to see that the prices of things we regularly pay for are leaping ever upward. They’re adding insult to financial injury.

They’ve been spinning the problem for months because it didn’t take too long for inflation to become a problem after Biden began his occupation of the Oval Office. Prior to merely resorting to obnoxious condescension, they were attempting to bore the public into submission with rambling macroeconomic runarounds, as I wrote last summer.

Stacey’s post provided a lot of harsh number-crunching about what we’re enduring, and her conclusion really nailed it:

America was poised for a V-shaped recovery with a few bumps as production increased or was reshored to the United States. The current problems result from President Biden killing our energy independence, increasing reliance on China for critical inputs, and horrible public health messaging that makes many Americans think reemerging from the pandemic shutdowns is a deadly proposition.

The so-called “high-class problem” has middle- and working-class Americans scrambling to afford the increase in ground beef and a gallon of milk. At some point, it may become more difficult to find your elderly parents’ life-saving medications as they sit on a boat or in a rail yard. Somehow, I doubt Klain will miss a steak dinner or needed medications.

The elitist disconnect is absolutely galling. The American public was already reeling from a year of pandemic-related economic turmoil before Biden and his puppet masters began tossing the economy into the shredder. The “Court at Versailles” attitude coming from Biden and Co. indicates that they have no care whatsoever about the real-world consequences of their socialist folly.

I can hardly wait until someone who doesn’t hate the American people is back in charge.

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