The Morning Briefing: Surprise—Teachers' Unions Are Showing Their Evil Again

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Teachers’ Unions Won’t Stop Coming for Your Children

Happy Tuesday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Always buy lederhosen a size too big.

It was a quiet day here at the old PJ Media ranch yesterday, as most people were taking full advantage of the long holiday weekend. I was the editor on duty, so I got to read everything that was written, which was nice.

Something I read — which I will get to in a moment — got me reminiscing. When I first started blogging about politics in between stand-up gigs lo those many years ago, I focused mostly on two subjects: liberal bias in the media and school choice. I did write about other things on occasion, but I was particularly passionate about those two. In fact, the very first political conference I ever went to as a blogger was all about school choice.

I remember back in the late Bush and early Obama years that school choice was being talked about by conservatives and Republicans a lot. It was a winning and important issue.

Or so it seemed.

Stacey wrote a post yesterday about the National Education Association going all-in on making Critical Race Theory a permanent nightmare in our public schools. As with everything having to do with the NEA, it’s all unpleasant news for the kids. I’ve written for 20 years that it is the evilest labor organization in America. I believe that now more than ever.

It was something that Stacey wrote in her penultimate paragraph that triggered my trip down Blogger Memory Lane:

It may be time to think deeply about innovation in K-12 education. Instead of pushing bans on certain types of curricula, perhaps it is time to expand choice. The days of limiting the option to low-income students need to end. Petitioning state legislatures to pass legislation on education savings accounts for K-12 education, where every parent can have the dollars allocated to their child follow them to the program of their choice, would be ideal. At a minimum, that would provide parent groups with financial leverage because funding of public schools is often on a per-student basis.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner.

I’ve talked about this with a couple of people this past year on my podcast. I don’t think that the Republicans consciously turned away from school choice, but somewhere along the line, it dropped way down on the party’s list of priorities. As I said earlier, it’s a winning issue that has broad support when you’re not talking to a teachers’ union flack or one of the Democrats the unions have in their pockets. Republicans have been talking about minority outreach for years and school choice is perhaps the best way to do that.

The awful behavior of teachers’ unions during the pandemic, coupled with their lust for critical race theory now that the Democrats have the keys to everything, give the Republicans a phenomenal opportunity to make school choice a priority again and perhaps save public education from itself.

And save American school kids from a forced commie lemming march off a cliff.

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