Unwoke With Kevin and Kruiser #1: Welcome to the Occupation

This Was Not Court-Ordered

As I have been promising our treasured VIP subscribers for a few weeks, my buddy Kevin Downey Jr. and I are launching a new podcast for your listening pleasure. Fair warning: this is a no-holds-barred affair that may not be for the faint of heart or those who shower every day.

Kevin is our newest contributor and has really been doing a great job since coming on board in May. He and I are also old friends from stand-up. We met while doing shows for Armed Forces Entertainment in 2010. That tour began in Pearl Harbor, took us around the South Pacific, and ended up at a place called Diego Garcia in the middle of the Indian Ocean. I’ve seen pics of it so I know it happened. We were mostly partying with the U.S. Navy though and, honestly, I don’t remember a lot of it.


Again, we get raw here. We called it “Unwoke” not only because we want to battle the woke plague in America, but also because we don’t have a lot of filter when it’s just the two of us having a conversation. We will entertain and probably offend from time to time. But we will have fun.

We’re still working on exactly what we want to do as far as recurring segments. This first episode is just us throwing stuff at the wall to see what sticks.