The Morning Briefing: Mark Cuban's Ugly ChiCom Mating Ritual Is Now Complete

The Morning Briefing: Mark Cuban's Ugly ChiCom Mating Ritual Is Now Complete
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Cuban Earns His ChiCom Beggin’ Strips

Happy Wednesday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Whatever happened to hibachis?

How about some non-impeachment fare? It’s not because I’m bored with the whole thing. I am, of course, but I’m also not paying any attention whatsoever to any of the Cirque du Ridiculous. It’s up to us all to protect our own mental health, and I find that prolonged exposure to Democrats isn’t very good for what little sanity I have left. Sure, I’m as curious as the rest of you to see how entertaining it might be if I completely lose it, but I need to cling to this side of reality just a bit longer.


Check back with me in early spring.

Well, it’s been three weeks since Ol’ Gropes was installed as Puppet in Chief. I’m as surprised as most of you are that we’re still here and not getting our gulag on. If we do get sent to the gulag any time soon I’ve figured out how they’re going to torture us: they’re gonna make us watch NBA games.

Specifically Dallas Mavericks games.

This past year the NBA decided that it needed to be the wokest of the major American sports leagues. While the league was making it clear that it was down with the riot struggle, it was also leaving no doubt about its allegiance to China.

Last summer, Ted Cruz had a back-and-forth with Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban about both issues. Cuban was very delicate in how he talked about China, which former Vice President Mike Pence said the NBA was a “wholly owned subsidiary” of in 2019.

Cuban has now taken the next un-American step and unilaterally decided to stop playing the National Anthem at Dallas Mavericks home games.

Bryan has more:

The Mavericks have played 13 pre-season and regular season games at home in Dallas without playing the anthem. There was no discussion or internal organization announcement, and Cuban confirmed he made the decision. He has declined further comment.

Cuban has criticized Americans who want to see the National Anthem respected, and not used for political protests at sports games. Cuban tweeted a shot last year at the “The National Anthem Police,” saying that if critics of the anthem protests had a problem with it they could “complain to your boss and ask why they don’t play the National Anthem every day before you start work.”


Full disclosure: I’m not an NBA fan. I used to be, however. I stopped watching when they stopped playing defense. For the past fifteen years or so I’ve only watched a couple of games during the finals. My disgruntlement with the league had only to do with the game, not with politics.

I can tune a lot of the nonsense out when watching football or baseball, but if I wanted to be an NBA fan again that would be impossible to do. Cuban isn’t an outlier in the league. The NBA’s entanglements with the ChiCom government aren’t going to be undone anytime soon. The league did, however, ponder dialing down the woke after it was apparent that the fans weren’t digging it too much.

It wouldn’t be surprising if the rest of the teams in the league took Cuban’s cue and ditched the National Anthem.

Well, the American National Anthem, anyway.


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Bee Me

The Kruiser Kabana

I was reminded of this on Twitter yesterday and it stuck in my head.

What America really needs right now is for Elvis and Andy Kaufman to stop pretending that they’re dead.


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