COVID-19 Relief Bill Stalled Over Payments to Illegal Aliens

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A trillion or two dollars in the COVID-19 relief bill has been stalled by Senate Democrats insisting on payments to illegal aliens, while millions of Americans remain unnecessarily unemployed and hopeless.


POLITICO reports that Democrats are “split” as “progressives rage” in their effort to send more borrowed money to illegal aliens.

“Split” might be putting it all too nicely.

Whatever the case, it took two POLITICO infotainment writers, Burgess Everett and Marriane Levine, to come up with this awful paragraph:

An effort to restrict stimulus checks to undocumented immigrants is blowing a hole in Democrats’ unity in the Biden era, after a bloc of Democrats sided with Republicans over their more progressive colleagues last week. The immigration status of those seeking new stimulus payments is shaping up as a major point of contention among Democrats as the House and Senate write their coronavirus relief bills, presaging the tough fights ahead among the party’s tight majorities in Congress on a politically volatile issue.

The effort is to restrict stimulus checks from illegal aliens, not to them, and “undocumented immigrants” isn’t the correct legal terminology.


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The report continues:

Eight Senate Democrats supported an amendment to the Senate’s budget during last week’s marathon vote-a-rama that would prohibit undocumented immigrants from receiving checks, a cast that includes the No. 4 Democratic leader Debbie Stabenow (D-Mich.), the chair of the party’s campaign arm Gary Peters (D-Mich.) and senators up for reelection.

Democrats are stuck between two rocks and one hard place.


The first rock is economic reality: We’ve been slowly approaching the death spiral of deficit spending for a long time, but the unnecessary COVID-19 lockdowns have caused Washington to accelerate the pace like Thelma and Louise staring at the Grand Canyon.

Thelma and Louise

The second rock is political reality: The American people, after nearly a year of economic (and emotional) depression, are in no mood to extend our unsustainable largess to people who aren’t even supposed to be here today.

The hard place is the Democrats’ ascendant Progressive wing, which never met a means of fostering racial strife it didn’t like.

Like? Hell, they’re making out in the nightclub bathroom 15 minutes after meeting.

So the faux-moderate Dems like Stabenow and Peters face an unpalatable choice.

They can side with the party’s radicals — and piss off huge swathes of the American electorate while simultaneously speeding us ever-faster towards economic collapse. You and/or your neighbors might be wondering how to make next month’s rent, or whether your favorite restaurant can stay in business another week operating at a measly 25% capacity. But the “caring” progressive wing of the Democrat Party doesn’t seem to care, unless “undocumented immigrants” get a little document worth $1,400 we don’t have.

Or, those faux-moderate Democrats can negotiate a more modest relief bill with the Republicans on the other side of the aisle — and endure years of shrieking from the Woke Wing and their enablers in the mainstream media.


The Twitteratti are going to have an emo rage fit if they don’t get their way.

If I had to guess, the faux-moderate Democrats might just fold to the Woke Wing. In recent years (and maybe not-so-recently), they seem to consider more what is said inside the Beltway and on social media, than they do what their own constituents have to say.

On the other hand, giving government benefits to non-taxpayers is highly unpopular, even amongst voters with more laissez-faire attitudes towards illegal immigration.

So who knows, really, what will happen — or how long millions of hurting Americans will have to wait.

I do know one thing, though. No matter what happens, there are few things more thrilling than hot Blue-on-Blue action.

Go long on popcorn, folks — assuming you can still afford some.

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