The Morning Briefing: The Comrade Biden Show Is Already Kinda Creepy

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Biden Is Gonna Heal Us or Something

Happy Monday, my dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. I hope everyone had a great weekend.

I know, I know…we’re not supposed to be pretending that Joe Biden is the president-elect but you all know that I’m the resident pessimist. I do think the president’s legal team should keep at it but I’m not really feeling it. It would probably be wise for us to start packing for the Harris-Biden gulag.

Like every other American conservative, I’m not buying Biden’s healing and unity spiel. It’s quite stunning how out of touch with reality the Democrats are. They truly believe that we’ve all just been waiting over here for them to stop calling us racists and light the unity candle.

Joe Biden is, and always has been, one of the most divisive politicians in Washington. That’s not going to change. He doesn’t like us. He never will. Frankly, I wish he’d just give up the charade and stop the benevolent grandpa garbage.

Even though the legal challenges to vote counts are still going on, Biden is preparing what is sure to be an odious agenda. He’s going to keep the COVID panic porn going for a while, most likely to use as an excuse for the government to be heavy-handed. Rick wrote about Biden’s announcement of a COVID task force:

Joe Biden’s campaign announced that he would name a task force of prominent Democratic public health experts to a coronavirus task force that will supposedly act in concert with the White House Coronavirus Task Force.

Biden’s announcement comes as European nations were revealing record-breaking numbers of coronavirus cases. It raises the question about why any coronavirus “experts” who advocate for lockdowns and business closings should be believed.

Europe “listened to the scientists” and, for a while, the number of coronavirus cases dropped. But as European nations reopened their economies, the virus came back with a vengeance.

Team Harris-Biden also announced that Biden would be contacting governors and mayors to talk about mask mandates. You can tell he’s really looking forward to re-energizing the petty tyrants who have ruined the economy.

Depending on what happens in Georgia, there is a very real possibility that Biden won’t be able to implement his agenda via anything but executive order. He’s already working on that.

As I’ve been saying since Election Day, we’re going to be even more grateful for the way President Trump has filled the courts with conservative judges once Crazy Joe hits the Oval Office.

Of course, the scariest part of all of this is that a President Biden will probably be having his strings pulled by multiple puppeteers. Let’s face it, the guy was never the sharpest tool in the shed even before he mentally checked out. Heck, there is already speculation in the media about what happens if he dies before his inauguration.

For the longest time I thought that they’d be working on an exit plan for Biden the second the election was over. Many have wondered aloud if the Democrats are going to hit their own president with the 25th Amendment. Now I’m starting to think that they will probably keep the old boy around and have a few people playing the role of Edith Wilson in the backround:

I barely paid any attention to the news over the weekend. The fact that the first two things I saw about Biden when I finally did had to do with mandates and executive orders made me fear for my liver come January 20th, 2021. This idiot will probably make conservatives miss Obama before too long, especially with Kamala controlling him.

Anyway, all eyes on Georgia now…

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