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CNN's Don Lemon Weeps at Being 'Overwhelmed' by Biden Victory

Photo by Scott Roth/Invision/AP

Don Lemon works for CNN as a “news anchor.” I guess that term doesn’t mean the same thing to him as it does to many of the rest of us. My idea of an “anchor” is a news reader who keeps his opinions to himself.

But this is 2020 and there’s work to do if you’re a radical liberal. For the good of the country, Donald Trump had to be defeated and those in the media who worked long and hard to make that a reality are apparently very emotional about it.

Don Lemon, the anti-Trump face of CNN, couldn’t hold back to tears.


“I turned the television on and there were my colleagues announcing that Joe Biden had become the president-elect of the United States, and not to forget Kamala Harris, the first Black woman [vice presidential-elect],” Lemon said. “I didn’t expect to be so overwhelmed by that. I didn’t realize the PTSD that many marginalized people — that African-Americans, women, Latinos, people of color, all kinds of white people — are feeling around this country, because we have had whiplash from someone who only cares about himself and not uniting people.”

It wasn’t just the Biden victory that made Lemon emotional. He also got to rub Trump supporters’ faces in their loss because apparently, they had hurt his feelings over the last four years by shouting out that he was reading “fake news.”

USA Today:

During his Saturday show, Lemon, a gay Black man, specifically mentioned racist and homophobic slurs he has been called on the street in recent years, along with the Trump favorite, “fake news,” that he said some of the president’s supporters have yelled at him.

“Never before that I’ve been in this business, since 1991, have I ever had to deal with the crap that I’ve had to deal with over the last four years,” he said. “It is disgusting.”

Jeez, grow a pair, willya?

That the abuse colored his coverage and commentary about Trump and his supporters is clear.

“America needed a release valve at that moment. And they wanted to get it off their chest,” he said. “Finally, the relief came that no longer did we have to live under this oppression. No longer did we have to live under people who pretend that up is not up, that down is not down, that one plus one doesn’t equal two. And so I can’t help but be emotional at this moment.”

Lord God, WHAT OPPRESSION? Did someone threaten to throw him in jail for his hyper-partisan, anti-Trump commentary? Was CNN ever threatened with being shut down? No. Apparently, people called him nasty names. And that’s oppression?

The guy should visit this website and see some of the nasty names we writers are sometimes called. Fortunately, I don’t feel “oppressed.” I’m mostly amused.

I’m already bored by the Biden presidency. Can we change the channel?