The Fringe with Megan Fox, Episode 38: Satirist Deplora Boule Defends Optimism Over Doomsday Scenarios

My friend and author Deplora Boule and I unwittingly set everyone on edge in the comments section with our collaboration of 10 Ways A Biden Win Could Be Awesome for Conservatives. We intended to cheer you up and ended up just pissing off everyone. So it deserves an in-depth conversation. Why did we write it? Tune in to find out as Deppy joins me to give you the scoop and discuss this disagreement of ours like adults.

Also, we are giving away a signed copy of “The Narrative” to the person who can add number 11 to our list and make us laugh. Send your entry to [email protected] with the subject line: Megan Fox’s Book Giveaway.

Happiness is a choice so get in here and find out why I can still laugh and you should too (while fighting like hell to win).

Ten Reasons Why It Could Be Awesome for Conservatives if Biden Wins