The Kruiser Kabana Episode 78: AZ Rep. Paul Gosar Talks About the Future of the GOP After This Strange Election

This Week Has Been the Longest Month of My Life

If this post finds you drunk, exhausted, or just rocking back and forth in front of your computer unable to figure out what to do next, I feel ya.


I recorded this interview with Rep. Gosar late Thursday afternoon when my native state here was still really in play. Because things are so fluid, the parts of the conversation where we’re talking about the ballot counting are already dated. We do, however have a good discussion about the state of the GOP going forward and it is very positive. As I said in my most recent column, President Trump has reshaped the Republican party and made it better equipped to deal with this rough patch than it would have been just four years ago.

Had the Democrats gotten the blue wave they kept talking about in the House and Senate, things would be much bleaker. We’re not there though. I will be writing and podcasting a lot in the coming weeks about why we need to keep our heads held high and steel our resolve.

God help us, I’m the voice of optimism now.



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