The Morning Briefing: We're Open for Labor Day and the Rioters Are Still Morons

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Lit Labor Day

Happy Labor Day, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends who are still operating on normal calendars.

We’re going to do a quick holiday version today. A briefer Briefing, if you will.

The mostly peaceful window-smashing, fire-starting protest rioters in the once-American city of Portland, Ore., decided that 100 consecutive nights of rioting was a milestone deserving of a celebration.

These people really need hobbies.

Imagine being so depraved that civil unrest becomes a cause for celebration in your life. Portland has become Baghdad on the Columbia in the past few months, a real American tragedy. These weakling soy boys who never got a kind word from their daddies think that’s a good thing.

I keep wondering what the long-term plan for the rioters is. I mean, they can’t just riot forever. They no doubt believe they can, but they don’t seem to be reality-based. At some point, they are going to have to begin participating in society again and the tantrums are going to have to stop.

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Maybe — as many suspect — they’re all trust-fund kids who can afford to do this for a while. Heaven help us if we’re facing a long-running plague of well-to-do white liberals who want to let everyone know that they are down with the struggle.

I want to feel worse about Portland because it once was a place that I truly enjoyed visiting. The people running it have been facilitating all of the violence, however, so the voters who put them in power deserve all that they are getting.

Victoria had the feel-good story of the weekend about the antifa idiot who tried to “celebrate” with a Molotov cocktail and set his feet on fire. Her post features a lot of great reactions mocking this idiot but this one set to the Footloose theme song was the best:

POTUS retweeted another of the Footloose takes the next day.

Again, the nightly scenes from Portland are probably the most effective Trump-Pence 2020 ads possible. Let these paste-eaters keep destroying this God-forsaken commie hellhole, and themselves along the way. You know it’s awful there because the MSM has been working overtime to convince us otherwise. One of the safest bets these days is to assume that the opposite of what MSM hacks are saying is true.

Now I’ve got to get to the tequila-infused watermelon I have waiting in the fridge.

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The Kruiser Kabana

I can’t believe that this was just at the beginning of the year. Seems like ten years ago. It’s worth revisiting though. Most of the rough stuff is bleeped out but I’ll offer a little language warning anyway.

Don’t lose your keys, your passport, or your sense of humor.


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