The Kruiser Kabana Episode 66: Dear MSM: 'Republicans for Biden' Isn't a Thing

Enough, Already

Our dereliction of duty journalism class is at it again. Since the Democrats decided to devote half of their convention to trying to convince the American voting public that there is a massive wave of disaffected Republicans fleeing the GOP camp vote for Joe Harris-Biden, the MSM has been dutifully keeping the narrative going.

There is a list of Bush/McCain/Romney type Republicans full of names no one under the age of sixty would recognize who have decided to be foot-stompy about President Trump and publicly express their support for Biden.

I don’t care what your party registration is, once you’ve enthusiastically endorsed the Democrat running for president, you’re a freakin’ Democrat.

A random sample of American voters would likely yield far more voters who didn’t vote for Trump in 2016 but are going to this year than people who did vote for him then but won’t now. In fact I’m convinced that the latter group is too statistically insignificant to even warrant consideration as a factor.

The MSM will continue with the breathless “gamechanger” narrative anyway.

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One fact remains: the prominent Never Trump types who keep getting mentioned in this current fairy tale were all Never Trump in 2016. Nothing has changed. They’re just louder and their diapers are fuller this year.

I will be writing a long column this week about how glad I am to see the Bush remnants marginalized in the GOP thanks to the president. It was a long-needed purge. Keep your eyes open for that and, as always, thanks for subscribing to VIP!

Never Trumpers Leg-Hump Every Leftist Narrative Just to Make Friends


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