The Morning Briefing: Vote Biden-Harris 2020 if You Want to Kill the Republic

The Morning Briefing: Vote Biden-Harris 2020 if You Want to Kill the Republic
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Biden-Harris, For the Loss…Of Freedom

Happy Friday, faithful friends of the Kruiser Morning Briefing.

Now that Biden 2020 is officially Biden-Harris 2020 it’s time once again to update and reexamine something we’ve done here once or twice and ponder the consequences of the worst happening in November.


The Biden-Harris ticket is so fraught with ick that I almost miss Clinton-Kaine.


We all know that Joe Biden will end up doing whatever those around him tell him to do after they promise him a juice box and a My Little Pony. So it’s the Harris half of Biden-Harris that may be the only known quantity here. But as we discussed yesterday, she may have some morphing to do in order to woo progressive voters.

The mainstream media hacks have been falling all over each other to convince Regular-Folk America that Kamala Harris is a moderate. This is beyond laughable, of course, but one has to consider the fact that the Democrats are so far left now that she probably is considered moderate inside the progressive bubble. Here in the real world, Sen. Harris is plenty left. Given der Bidengaffer’s transformation, the Biden-Harris ticket is left of left.

It’s a good thing for the Democrats that Joe Biden has so much big Democrat donor money behind him. Last year, after Kamala Harris’s two weeks of looking good in late June and early July, the money people soon began to sour on her. By early September, the money people were already over her. For the Biden-Harris campaign’s sake, they better hope the money people aren’t getting that irritated-stomach feeling again now that Madame Charm is on the ticket.

 (Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call/Pool via AP)

The worst looming danger in a Biden-Harris win is that their victory would almost certainly mean that the Republicans will lose the Senate. That will just be tossing the asylum keys to the lunatics and it’s progressive game-on then.


Last year during her leftward primary lurch, “moderate” Harris co-sponsored the “Medicare for All” nightmare with communist Bernie Sanders. She also teamed up with Bartender of the Year nominee Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for some leftist fantasy called the “Climate Equity Act.”

If you want to see the federal government transition from egregious tax-collecting to tax vampirism, Biden-Harris is the ticket for you. I mean, it’s no secret that everyone’s taxes will go up under Democrat rule, but — and I didn’t think this was possible — they’ve gotten even more cavalier about gouging the American taxpayer in the last two years.

If you want to get a brief glimpse of your life under a Biden-Harris regime, look no further than Austin, Texas, where the city council just voted to defund the police and give the “savings” to the Planned Parenthood abortion mill.

Despite Harris’s reputation as a tough prosecutor and attorney general, she’s going to have to go along with all of the BLM cop-hating fever that’s sweeping progressive cities. What’s ironic here is that the Dems have a real opportunity to use her record to undercut the president’s “law and order” message, but they can’t, once again thanks to the fact that Biden-Harris is a pure identity politics ticket.

We’ve all seen how awful the violence has been in cities where the rioters have the backing of municipal authorities. Just wait until the White House is giving them the thumbs up.

Given that Sen. Harris is going to be the real power player in the Biden-Harris administration, her record is worthy of more scrutiny than any other veep nominee in history. Victoria wrote an excellent post on Wednesday detailing what a nightmare Harris is on civil rights.

 (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

When the Biden-Harris administration inevitably becomes the Harris-(Insert Insane Socialist Here) administration, the nation will be ruthlessly ruled by someone who is actually almost all of the bad things that the Left accuses Trump of being. It will be an unmitigated nightmare.

Biden-Harris is not your Democratic presidential ticket of old. These two are now the standard-bearers for a party that’s been gleefully covering for and cheering on ragingly violent anarchists since May. A Biden-Harris win will put the wheels of American destruction in motion the second they are declared winners.


Biden-Harris means higher, debilitating taxation.

Biden-Harris means a lemming rush off of the progressive cliff.

Biden-Harris means President Harris.

Biden-Harris means goodbye to the America actual Americans love.

Let’s have a good weekend now.

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I will leave you with this for your weekend entertainment pleasure. A Twitter user sent me this full vid of my appearance on Rock & Roll Jeopardy! back in the ’90s. I blew it in Final Jeopardy with a classic mistake: I second-guessed my first instinct and put down the wrong answer. Still, it was a fun game. I deserve all of the mocking though, as this brain-fart remains eternally shameful. Happy weekend, my friends.


You probably won’t ever see me clean-shaven again unless I’m on trial. So don’t rule it out.


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