Weekly Good News Round-Up: Grandma Love, Flying Cars, and International Travel Made Easy

(AP Photo/Ng Han Guan)

It’s finally Friday.

This week dragged on forever for me. I started it by having the first major allergy attack of my life. I’ve never had seasonal allergies and then I moved to New York… and everything was fine for almost five whole years. But all of a sudden I am now allergic to everything outside. This is not good news, but I’m telling you this because after almost an entire week of a sinus headache that felt like a knife through the right side of my head, it’s finally subsiding and that is very good news.

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Getting to the chiropractor for a sinus massage and a neck adjustment helped. I shoulda’ done that on Tuesday. Lesson learned. I suddenly find myself like the people in the Claritin commercials in the “before” part when they’re terrified of the outside and standing at their windows looking out at the world and feeling sad. How did this happen and when can I have my life back? Also, people with allergies in a post-COVID world are the most discriminated against people in America. I had a coughing attack in the chiropractor’s waiting room and I think the receptionist was considering calling 911. I had to explain, while choking, “I swear, it’s allergies and not the Delta variant.” She didn’t look convinced.

Trump Meme

It’s been a while since I’ve seen a good Trump meme and this one made me LOL. If you’re not following il Donaldo Trumpo on Twitter, it’s a must. This guy cracks me up. It’s the next best thing to having the actual Trump on Twitter, but this one has a South-of-the-border flair.

I can’t stop watching this

Have you ever seen a hippo eat a watermelon? Thank God for YouTube. How did we survive before endless entertainment like this?

Who are these ingenious people?

I would have killed for my own private roller coaster when I was a kid. These days I can ride one once and then stand and watch my kids have fun. What is it about getting older and losing the ability to ride roller coasters? This ingenious parent made a backyard thriller ride for his kids. This is so cool.

Hugging Grandma is back!

This is the sweetest video and I can’t be the only one who is thrilled to see grandmas getting love again. If you have grandparents, go hug them. It’s been a very long pandemic.

Finally! Flying cars!

All I have to say is, what took so long? I was told in 1985 that by the time I was in my 20s we would have flying cars. All we got were bag phones. But that looks like it could be changing… if this is real. And if it is, when can I have one? The only thing we are still missing is a robot housekeeper for every home. Where is my Rosie? 

Travel anywhere from home

A cool thing I discovered during the lockdown was YouTube walking tours of foreign places. There are many reasons to enjoy these, especially for writers looking to describe new places we haven’t actually been to. Others aren’t traveling yet or maybe are looking for somewhere new to go and want to get a feeling for a place first. Or maybe you just don’t want to be yelled at and threatened by flight attendants because you aren’t wearing a mask correctly. If you type in “4k walking tour” and fill in any place in the world, it will pop up with multiple options for remote touring. Today’s tour I gravitated to was in India. Enjoy!

Have a happy Independence Day and remember, real Americans never do what they’re told! Here’s to rebellion!