Legacy Victims Are in Control of the Country

Legacy Victims Are in Control of the Country
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As an evil, white, cisgender, colonizing breeder, I’ve noticed the victim industry is booming–and apparently, I’m one of the bad guys.

The left sells victimhood to minorities, and they lap it up like entitled kittens. After all, claiming victim status relieves one of the burden of success, or even trying.

“It’s not my fault I have nothing. I’m a victim of bigotry. I never had a chance.”

I don’t really see minorities being victims of straight, white bigotry. I don’t see them getting knocked down by “systemic racism.” What I see is supposedly “marginalized” people running the roost, as apologetic, white libs assure them they are true victims and are entitled to anything and everything they want.

The left needs victims for their base and manufactures them, always blaming straight, white people, especially Christians, for victimizing them. In reality, these “victim” groups wield way more power in society than anyone else.

White guys didn’t bring down the World Trade Center, but when you mention who did, you’re “Islamophobic.” How is it that Muslims can murder thousands of American civilians, yet be made to be the victims of “bigotry” when we discuss September 11?

If black folks are victims of “400 years of slavery,” I don’t see it. I don’t want to point any fingers or post any of the numerous videos of the recent shoplifting craze, but that’s not me filling garbage bags full of meds. California didn’t decriminalize shoplifting so that I could stay out of jail. San Francisco’s Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) didn’t refuse to release videos of ME robbing people on mass transit. Chicago didn’t blur MY face to protect me after executing a Puerto Rican couple. My point is, how can people play the victim card when society bends over backward to coddle them?

The trans community beats the victim drum louder than anyone and yet they seem to be running our society. Society is changing laws for this tiny part of the population. If you don’t believe me, refuse to call a transgendered person by their preferred pronouns while at work. You’ll be called to the carpet by Human Resources faster than you can tuck that Crucifix into your shirt.

If your daughter loses a college scholarship to a dude in a sundress, you better suck it up and stay quiet, bigot. Don’t say a word when a “woman” flashes his “half-mast” at you and your naked daughter. Otherwise, Antifa leftists will pull on their big girl’s panties and go to war, literally.

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A video of a white guy accused of saying something “transphobic” went viral on TikTok, as they always seem to do, but actual trans crime is covered up. Including mass shootings.

The leftist, commie portion of our society has decided we are bigots if we don’t let confused boys in dresses use girls’ locker rooms and restrooms.

A trans boy in a skirt recently brutally raped a young girl at her school and nothing was done about it. School officials actually covered it up. So he did it again. A father domestic terrorist was arrested when he mentioned it at a school board meeting. Nothing says “victimhood” like raping schoolgirls and having leftists cover for you. Imagine if the attacker was a straight white man, or men, accused of raping a black woman, like the Duke University lacrosse players. The news was huge. Lives and careers were ruined. All for a lie.

FACT-O-RAMA! The stripper who falsely accused the players of rape ended up getting a 14-year sentence for 2nd-degree murder.

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If anyone gets to play the victim card in this country it’s not the people who are coddled. True victims don’t have the power to engage in shockingly out of proportion crime, get you fired for not playing make-believe with your pronouns, or having police departments nationwide defunded over a myth. Real victims don’t get to terrorize a school bus full of kids, then run for public office. Schools aren’t canceling Halloween for victims.

It takes a lot of power to do all these things, power that “victims” don’t have.

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