Daily Dose of Downey: What's Privilege? For Starters, It's Antifa and BLM

Townhall Media/Julio Rosas

Lefty Privilege Is Everywhere

Privilege is being able to play the victim while burning and looting businesses. Privilege is assaulting people with impunity. Privilege is walking out of jail, bail paid by Kamala and friends, and not being charged for “bricking” a cop in the name of “police brutality.”

Privilege is killing 15,000 elderly people, groping your interns, and selling a book about your “wonderful” leadership skills.

Privilege is making the entire country stay home, wear masks, and obey virus rules that ruin the economy, then allowing untested illegal immigrants to pour over the border.


Privilege is pulling a Puerto Rican couple out of a car, executing them on camera, and having the local news blur your face because you are black. Privilege is having major corporations donate money to your violent and Marxist BLM cause because they are afraid not to.

Privilege is being a white person who tells a black man his political opinion makes him an “Uncle Tom” and not having him beat the hell out of you.

Privilege is sexually assaulting a woman, getting shot for resisting arrest, and having Kamala Harris tell you she is “proud of you.”


Privilege is getting a husband and father fired because he opposes a mentally ill man in a dress using the same locker room as his 14-year-old daughter, and dared to mention it.

Privilege is watching elderly people get handcuffed for walking around the Capitol on January 6 even though you got away with punching a 77-year-old man in the face for wearing a MAGA hat. It’s having the authority to declare someone a Nazi and kick them into a coma in the name of “anti-fascism.”

Portland, BLM
AP Photo/Noah Berger

Privilege is having your mayor give you “space to destroy” businesses, cars, and homes that don’t belong to you. It’s the ability to spend “mad stacks” on sneakers and earbuds because the government pays your rent and buys your food.

Privilege is the ability to steal an election and have most of the mainstream media cover your lying ass. It’s the ability to blatantly lie to your viewers, wrap your sorry carcass in the cloak of a “free press,” and then accuse truth-seeking journalists of being conspiracy wackjobs.

Privilege is having the ability to shoplift $949 worth of goods and not be chased by the cops, and to steal millions from Haiti and enjoy the same indemnity.

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Privilege is the ability to tell your constituents that “white supremacists” are public enemy #1 when the leading cause of murder is anything but. It’s the ability to bend a knee to major corporations, kiss the backside of the Democrat party, and pretend you’re “counter-culture” and not the boot-licking beta-cuck you truly are.

Privilege is the ability to “suicide” the world’s richest and most famous pedophile before he ruins your life.