[WATCH] Motor City Shakedown: Detroit Man Wins $30K Lottery, Spends $20K on Chain, Has It Snatched

[WATCH] Motor City Shakedown: Detroit Man Wins $30K Lottery, Spends $20K on Chain, Has It Snatched
AP Photo/Paul Sancya, File

Who would think that Detroit, also known as the nation’s murder capital, is a bad place to wear a $20K gold necklace in broad daylight?

A Detroit man identified as “Jamal” by local Detroit news WDIV, was relieved of the $20,000 gold chain he purchased after a $30,000 lottery win.

A video shows Jamal’s attackers scoping his mad bling as he pays for his gas in a Detroit neighborhood that rates number two out of 100 for safety, suggesting that this neighborhood is safer than only 2% of neighborhoods in the U.S.

“I was just like looking around making sure nobody was trying to get my chain,” Jamal told WDIV outside the Mobil gas station where he was assaulted and robbed. “They had grabbed me, tackled me down.”

The video then shows Jamal going back to his car as the three waiting attackers chase him down for his frippery. He attempts to run back into the gas station, a pointless gesture, as two women inside simply watch Jamal lose his doubloons as well as something in his pocket. Jamal gets punched and kicked until one of the brigands snatches the gold.

The Motown pirates are seen pulling up their pants as they make their escape. Another video shows one of the same attackers snatching a chain from another victim earlier this year, suggesting the plunderer lives nearby.

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Questions Remain

WDIV news didn’t think to ask Jamal why he didn’t spend his $30,000 winnings to move out of one of the worst neighborhoods in the United States. Why didn’t he at least spend some of the money on a gun? Why would you wear a $20,000 necklace to buy gas? Is that kind of bijouterie an acceptable accessory for a short-sleeved track suit?