Does the Biden Administration Want Unity or Compliance?

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Does Joe Biden really want the unity he claims? In my book, Behind the Curtain, I described the vast array of weapons funded by dark money on the Left that dwarfs anything we’ve got on the Right, and how they continually kick our butts in the information wars. Now that the sustained campaign against Donald Trump has succeeded, and the Bad Orange Man has been removed from office, what can we expect? Does America go back to normal, or is this the new normal?

Let’s examine our new political normal, what caused it, and the treatment we can expect as Republicans.

In August 2016, New York Times writer Jim Rutenberg set the standard for a new, woke journalistic method that rejects objective reporting in favor of advancing a partisan political cause. Now, this isn’t a new concept, and the corporate media has skewed leftward for decades. But the nomination of Donald Trump caused supposed journalists to invent a new paradigm of activist reporting. As PJ Media’s Victor Davis Hansen has repeatedly observed, Rutenberg wrote that journalists must throw out the figurative textbook of American journalism in favor of oppositional journalism. He made it a moral imperative to report non-objectively, to join the resistance to Donald Trump, and to advance leftist causes as justice.

What replaced (somewhat) objective journalism was the Jim Acosta-ization of nearly every major news outlet across the country. Even Fox News has softened its hardline rightward bent over the past year—and the ratings have suffered because of it. Reporters became more interested in scoring points on social media than reporting the facts of a Trump administration.

It begs the question – if a Trump administration was so bad, shouldn’t simple reporting of the facts have been sufficient to convince the American people? Alternatively, if reporting just the facts WASN’T sufficient to convince the American people, doesn’t that mean it wasn’t really that bad?

Anyway, the truth isn’t sufficient for these people. In my book, I wrote about the donor’s conference in which the billionaires and their foundations on the Left got together to craft a memo called “The Plan To Kick Donald Trump’s Ass.” They planned impeachment before he was even sworn into office. It’s all there in black and white.

They also bragged about how they have access to newsrooms large and small all across the nation, and access to the raw data of the biggest of Big Tech and social media. That network has only exploded in scope in the past five years.

Big tech and the corporate media are just a couple of examples of cultural institutions that changed to deal with what was perceived as an existential threat—the presidency of Donald Trump.

To advance political opposition, the corporate media summarily dispensed with what little journalistic integrity they still possessed, and Big Tech abandoned any pretense of fully supporting the spirit of the First Amendment, or the information superhighway as a free exchange of ideas.

Consider: Race Riots erupted throughout 2020, and any serious attempt to question the baseline assumptions of the mostly peaceful protesters was met with condemnation. Not just by the activists. The entirety of the corporate world, including entertainment, media, social media, sports, and corporate board rooms and compliance departments, made it a de facto crime to question whether minorities were more or less likely to be killed by police than whites.

Hell, you couldn’t even question why the riots were allowed to continue in a pandemic, while church gatherings were considered superspreader events.

So really the question is—is this a temporary change? Now that Trump is gone and Biden is president, are we going back to politics as usual?

The events of 2020 and early 2021 indicate that this is a permanent, new normal, and that retributions against conservatives will expand. The woke mob turned cancel culture into an industry. It is now dangerous for some ideas to be expressed, lest you be stripped of your livelihood, your ability to participate in polite society, and in some cases your life.

Just ask Gina Carano. Or Jay Danielson.

The biggest example was the Great Digital Purge of January 8 through 11, when hundreds of conservative groups—mainstream groups like Brandon Straka’s walkaway movement—were permanently deleted from Facebook, Donald Trump was permanently removed from Twitter, Parler was permanently removed from Amazon servers, and thousands of accounts disappeared. Violent leftists kept their accounts and ability to share opinions, and to organize mostly peaceful riots.

The article in Time magazine on February 4, called “The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election,” revealed the extent to which social media companies were complicit with leftist groups in shaping the outcome of the election.

The article purports to show how a bipartisan group of concerned citizens wanted to save American Democracy, but really it inadvertently revealed the extent to which forces were marshaled to manipulate an outcome in favor of leftist causes, and the extent to which they controlled whether leftists marched in the streets or not. The author could barely contain her delight that the radical agenda prevailed under the guise of protecting democracy.

In such an environment, one wonders if conservative candidates will ever again face fair elections.

But that’s ok, the ends justify the means.

We have arrived at the point where two sets of laws exist, and the new administration and Congress are plunging head-on into these double standards. Examples of Democratic politicians encouraging violent riots in 2020 are too numerous to count, but any right leaning voter who expresses concern over the security of elections can have their entire life canceled. Rioting on behalf of BLM is more important than staying home to stay safe from the pandemic, but Trump rallies are superspreader events.

The corporate media and the professional Left spent the bulk of 2020 lying to the American people about police shootings that led to riots, the riots themselves, the response to the pandemic, and the source of heightened tensions across the nation.

How NBC News Helped the Biden Campaign Ruin an Innocent Man and Bury the Hunter Laptop Story

They dismissed, in lockstep, any suggestion that the presidential election could have been rigged—until they admitted it outright in the article in Time magazine.

On the day after the riots in the Capitol, my friend observed on Facebook:

What happened yesterday can’t be viewed in isolation. What happened yesterday happened after a long train of abuses against the American people by the elitist political class and the media.

He’s right.

Now we can expect the Biden/Harris Administration to go all-in on those abuses. Biden calls for unity while in the same breath calling Trump supporters virulent people, chumps or racists, and referring to Trump himself as Josef Goebbels while running campaign ads featuring Adolf Hitler.

Good luck trying to secure federal elections with constitutional standards going forward. Good luck against a re-weaponized IRS that will be hell-bent on punishing conservatives, like it was from 2011-2015. Good luck trying to keep your guns. Good luck trying to keep your suburban neighborhood intact. Good luck getting enough quality, well-trained police officers hired in your city.

Good luck expressing your First Amendment rights in public. Good luck revitalizing downtowns across America gutted by riots and business closures.

Some conservatives may hold out hope for the 2022 cycle. Democrats always overplay their hand, and the last time we had such a radical administration, the Tea Party was born.

Consider a few factors, though, and I wonder if 2022 holds the same hope as 2010 held. With a dozen years of sophistication in their misinformation networks, the Left will be ready for us.

First, it’s by no means certain that Biden will make it out of this year, and we would be saddled with a far more activist president in Kamala Harris.

Either way, knowing that nothing is promised after 2022, I fully expect this administration to push as hard as it can while it holds a majority in the House and Senate, with Romney, Collins, and Murkowski helping out.

Second, in a world forever scarred by the government’s pandemic response, the conditions are not ripe for a mass rally movement to spring up.

Third, like it or not, a large swath of the Right’s base voters have lost faith in the integrity of our elections. It could be a very long time before that faith is restored, depending on whether Republican-controlled state legislatures take the initiative now to address those concerns.

We now have multiple major media figures saying out loud that Trump voters need to be reprogrammed.

Good luck keeping your freedom.

The Biden/Harris Administration has announced its intention to pass a Domestic Terrorism Bill in Congress. Using the emergency of the capitol riot, the Domestic Terrorism Bill promises to expand surveillance on political enemies that are likely to resist any social justice, environmental justice, or economic justice efforts of the new administration.

But the ends justify the means, right? We got rid of the Orange Dictator, and now compliance is for your own good. Can you feel the unity?

Jeff Reynolds is the author of the book, “Behind the Curtain: Inside the Network of Progressive Billionaires and Their Campaign to Undermine Democracy,” available at Jeff hosts a podcast at You can follow him on Twitter @ChargerJeff, and on Gab at @RealJeffReynolds.