A Positive Take on the Time Article About the 'Fortified' Election - the 'Cabal' Almost Lost

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Having spent a lot of time reading, re-reading, and analyzing the recent Time article about the bevy of groups that worked together to influence the 2020 election, I have discovered a significant bit of good news in it if you consider it carefully. An initial reading will make your blood boil as you understand how the cabal deliberately impaired election integrity and throttled the distribution of relevant information. One take is that we are at the mercy of powerful institutions, and our elections will never be free and fair again.

Another take is that very little of what the cabal did actually had an impact. Americans are more intelligent than they believed. Many voted in their best interest for America First policies that put the safety, security, and prosperity of them and their families first. Despite every single institution being turned against them, President Trump’s voters saw through it and voted accordingly.

President Trump needed to add to his coalition to win in 2020. Some commentators, even on the Right, doubted his ability to accomplish that because of the pandemic and its economic impacts. The economy was President Trump’s best argument in January of 2020, and Democrats knew that. Despite their best efforts to hold President Trump accountable for every death from COVID-19 and calling the results of government-mandated shutdowns “Trump’s economy,” he added more than 11 million voters to his coalition compared to 2016.

For all the crowing about Hillary Clinton winning the popular vote in 2016, in 2020, President Trump exceeded her total by more than 8 million votes. That is easier to reconcile knowing people who voted for him in 2020 but not in 2016. Perhaps the most surprising thing you will hear is that Republicans were only about 90,000 votes short of winning all three branches in 2020. The Washington Post breaks it down.

The House has a slim nine-seat majority for Democrats. If Republican candidates received approximately 32,000 votes across five congressional districts, they could have grabbed the majority. The Senate is even closer since if Republican David Perdue had won 50% on Election Day, or 14,000 more votes, Republicans would have maintained the majority outright. Georgia is one of only two states where this could have even happened because any outcome less than 50% plus one requires a run-off.

When it comes to the White House:

Biden won the three decisive states — Arizona, Georgia and Wisconsin — by 0.6 percentage points or less, which was similar to Trump’s 2016 victory. If you flip fewer than 43,000 votes across those three states, the electoral college is tied 269 to 269. In that case, Trump would probably have won, given that the race would be decided by one vote for each House delegation, of which Republicans control more.

With all of the billions of dollars spent by the so-called “cabal” to ensure Joe Biden won, that is the difference. That’s it. As PJ Media columnist J. Christian Adams noted, the most significant disconnect is that Republicans won big down-ballot. They now control 31 state legislatures in a session that will oversee redistricting after picking up 192 state house seats and 40 state senate seats nationwide. House Republicans picked up a total of 12 seats in the chamber. Something didn’t smell right to many who watched the election returns.

According to Adams and Time, about $450 million of the billions came from Mark Zuckerberg and his wife. It went to a not-for-profit called the Center for Tech and Civic Life (CTCL) and made a structural, though likely not illegal, difference in the election. Here’s how:

What these grants did was build structural bias into the 2020 election where structural bias matters most – in densely populated urban cores. It converted election offices in key jurisdictions with deep reservoirs of Biden votes into Formula One turnout machines. The hundreds of millions of dollars built systems, hired employees from activist groups, bought equipment and radio advertisements. It did everything that street activists could ever dream up to turn out Biden votes if only they had unlimited funding.

As an example, Joe Biden won Georgia by 11,779 votes. A single blue county in Georgia, DeKalb, saw turnout soar by 70,668 voters. Joe Biden received 69,031 more votes than Hillary Clinton did in 2016. Donald Trump only added 10,846 to his total. CTCL funds also landed in Fulton County, where Atlanta is. In 2020, 110,313 more people voted. Biden received nearly 100,000 more than Clinton did, while Trump only grabbed 27,000 more. Those differentials matched with lower turnout increases in smaller-population red counties gave Biden a 0.3% win.

This turnout machine affected only statewide races because money was concentrated in the urban centers. In the crucial swing states, only two others in Senate races were affected; David Perdue in Georgia and John James in Michigan. Perdue missed hitting 50% by 0.3%, the same margin by which Biden won. And John James lost by 1.7% after leading until the Detroit metro area was counted, which also received funds from the CTCL.

So as states are looking at election integrity laws, the one that would have made the most significant difference in 2020 is that no election office can take funds from outside organizations. Elections should be funded by the taxpayer only. The CTCL funds allowed for slick marketing and amped up voter registration and communication, ensuring that voters requested a mail-in ballot and turned it in in districts where it mattered. That needs to stop.

The intra-party war also needs to stop. We got outmaneuvered, but barely. For all of the pressure points these groups leveraged, only one made a real difference. The Democrats know this and they are working overtime to turn the knife and divide us through censorship, impeachment, and isolation. Don’t be fooled; they and their allies in the media are terrified that we will figure it out. They don’t have the mandate to do the radical things they are doing to pay back their extreme left-wing. And now we know it, too.

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