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Sarah Hoyt lives in Colorado with her husband, two sons and too many cats. She has published Darkship Thieves and 16 other novels, and over 100 short stories. Writing non-fiction is a new, daunting endeavor. For more on Sarah and samples of her writing, look around at Sarah A. Hoyt.com or check out her writing and life blog at According to Hoyt.com.

Electing socialists always results in businesses moving away, disappearing, or never setting up in your town at all.
The coastal elites risk being stung by the Yellow Jackets in this country.
Your vote is the most valuable possession of an American. Don't let it be taken from you.
The Left can't understand Trump voters because they can't conceive of what motivates Trump voters
The Internet has been like an asteroid strike to the publishing industry. The dinosaurs aren't adapting, but the quick little mammals are.
Can wealth be created and destroyed? Or is it a fixed thing?