We Can't Make the System Absolutely Fraud-Proof, But We Can Make It Less Fraud-Convenient

I’m angry. I’m very angry. Yes, I know you like me when I’m angry, but I’ve been roaming the house yelling “Sarah Smash” while cats, sons, even husband get out of my way.


Because I’m very, very angry. And I can’t do anything about it, which means it turns inward in a sick feeling of despair.

I think a lot of us are there.

So, sure. The Democrats probably stole the Arizona state seat and might flip another one or two in the next week, including the one in Florida.

Don’t shout “no voter fraud” at me, because if there were no voter fraud, then the “recounts,” even given a messed up election process, would go equally to either side. Right?

But there is voter fraud. What’s more, we have a system designed to enable voter fraud: from people being signed up to vote when they get a driver’s license, with no proof of citizenship, to early voting to vote by mail.

All these systems are rife with the possibility for fraud, including foreigners (legal or not), people who don’t exist, and the dead voting. And the Democrats will fight hard – really hard – against anything that cleans up the vote. They do. They have.

Are the Democrats really half the population?

I don’t know and neither do you. Personally, I think that if they were — if they didn’t know what gives them that competitive ability, in fact, massive, unimaginable — they wouldn’t fight on and on for new frontiers in fraud-enabling: younger voters! Same-day registration! No ID! We “help” old-age homes vote! Illegals should totally be allowed to vote!


And with all that – with all that, ladies and gentlemen – they still need a week after the elections to recount the votes to manufacture a suitable number of votes.

How many are there really? How many people are hell-bent on making our country a socialist death machine?

These people mau-mau institutions, government employees, schools, and people on the street in the name of “social justice” but how many of them are there? Are they just a loud and well-funded fraud machine?

I don’t know, and neither do you. The people who yell “there is no fraud!” have their hands in their ears and are screaming as loudly as they can.

But not only are humans prone to fraud, we know what the horror leading the fraud in Florida said: that she’s a “Democrat because I believe in treating all people alike.”

Which she thinks she’s doing. The leftist credo has corroded these people’s minds, and they think our system is inherently unfair, they’re prisoners of the patriarchy, and on and on. Which in the end means that they have to cheat to make it “fair.”

It is impossible, I grant you, to make the system absolutely fraud-proof.

It’s neither impossible nor actually difficult to make it less fraud-convenient. Go back to voting on Election Day (except for a well-documented inability to, and military). In person. At the proper place. Registered three months in advance. Address and citizenship verified. And then ink the fingers. And count the votes with representatives of the candidates present. ALL the votes. All that day. On paper. And toss any ambiguous votes. Double marked. Not marked. Hanging chads, dancing chads, chads that do the waltz. Just the vote. The obvious vote, nothing else.


But the left not only won’t let us do that, which facilitates fraud, but they’re convinced they have a holy mandate for fraud. They’re sticking it to the man, neutralizing the white supremacist patriarchy. They’re defeating the Bushhitler Trumphitler.

In the name of these phantoms, they’re out there, counting and recounting. Three Senate races flipped almost for sure by fraud and what? Seven house races? All surely by fraud, or sometimes they’d flip the other way. And I find myself paraphrasing Malvolio, “Peace? I hate the very word. As I hate hell, all fraudsters, and Leftists.”

But is it better if the rough music plays and civil war breaks out?

Civil war is not impossible. Despite the fact that we’re emulsified, red and blue living side by side (but not in harmony), civil war is not impossible. It’s just not the civil war we’ve read about in history books, the stories of the grey and the blue and neat armies on the field.

Sure, sure, brothers fought on opposing sides and son against father. But it was still largely territorial. Terrain gained and lost.

If civil war comes, it will be a war of insurrection. Of many groups against many. Of balkanization. Of neighbor turning on neighbor. Of houses burning and corpses hanging from neighborhood trees. Over and over and over again, and vendettas tossed in.


We’ve seen this. Most such wars go on forever. They become clan wars and wars of vengeance. After a century or so you fight because of what they did to your side in ’79. Or whenever.

Or we could get lucky. Read “lucky.” One side could emerge victorious. A faction could emerge the strongest in a few years and pacify the country. By then it will take fire and blood and an iron boot. We’ll have to be unreally lucky to reform again under the old Constitution after that. More likely we’ll become like the other countries of the world, even the nominal republics: power and the old families, and the “right blood.”

Is that what you want?

It is not what I want.

But neither do I want the silent ignominy of tolerating fraud, of slowly sliding into a socialist morass because we dared not speak.

What is the answer?

I don’t have one. I have suggestions.

I don’t care that they hold the media, we can’t let this go unnoticed. Write to your representatives, even those elected by vote-by-mail-fraud.

If you do nothing else than tell them, “I see you. I know what you’re doing” — it’s something. Write to the authorities of the places lost by fraud. Tell them you see what they’re doing. Write blogs. Write letters to the editor. Make a noise. Point out that past tolerance is no guarantee of future tolerance. Point out we the people know our vote is being stolen.


Make a noise. Do not appease. Do not keep quiet. For the love of heaven do not bow or keep quiet to those phantoms of leftist thought: white supremacy (what, like South Africa in the old days? No? You’re a moron); patriarchy (what like Muslim countries? Or any Latin country? No? You’re a moron); white privilege (what, because Obama’s daughters are inferior to a white farm boy from Appalachia? No? You’re a moron). Don’t give them the privilege of their illusions. Don’t do what a recent Reason article did and assure us that Michelle Obama is very bright — when her thesis reads like a 12th-grade essay and is all whining about white privilege. Smack them in the face with their liberal privilege. Point out they’ve earned nothing. And point out that fraud is fraud. Point out that theft is theft. That they’re disenfranchising citizens. That they’re actually hurting real people.

Don’t shut up. For the love of heaven never apologize. They yell at you, you yell back.

And clean the vote. Clean it as much as you can. I’m fairly sure vote-by-mail-fraud is unconstitutional because among other things it violates the right to vote in private. But I’m not a lawyer. We need lawyers. We need lawyers to bring several hundred civil rights suits for all the voters whose votes are potentially being diluted by illegal votes. We need investigations.


I’ll forego my heart’s desire for every fraudster to be hanged, cut down while still living and his/her entrails burned before his/her eyes. While that’s the traditional penalty for treason and this is treason against the sovereign people of the United States of America, I’ll forego it only because people tell me the environmental impact forms – in triplicate – would be a right bitch.

But we need to fight this by any means short of that.

Or sooner or later, either before or after the socialist boot and extreme immiseration, there will be blood.

And yet once the rough music plays and we dance to it, the Republic will be as dead as the dodo.

Except in our hearts.


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