We're Seeing the Death Rattle of the Revolution, Not Its Birth

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I’m not surprised, though I am chagrined, that a lot of people, including people I know and respect, are buying into the idea that what we’re in the midst of is a Marxist revolution in the U.S.


Look, I understand, okay? Not as many people have had the experience I had of living under unbridled, unmasked Marxist power, so you don’t understand their myths and how they actually connect with reality. Oh, you’re starting to see it, as the left drops its masks, but it’s not the same as seeing them running around, showing their behinds and expounding the craziest theories during your formative years, when your eye is unsparing. There is a reason it was a little boy who cried “the king goes naked.”

Let’s start with what the left thinks they are doing: 

They think they’re bringing about their utopia, their heaven on Earth. 

They have been programmed – indoctrinated, really – from birth via the media, education, entertainment, and – heaven have mercy – even churches and synagogues into believing what amounts to a heretical Christian sect.

There are many variations of the Communist mythos, mostly Marx, but with its roots firmly in Rosseau. They range from racial ones (one to each race) to feminist ones. There are probably others I haven’t even heard about.

The myth goes like this: in the beginning, there was no capitalism (the cult’s quaint name for any free buying and selling or trade. (This is why they call monarchies capitalism or private property.) This was the dawn of man, the perfect state of humanity. Because there was no property there was no envy and no crime. Man (and particularly woman) lived in a time of innocence. In this perfect utopia – feminist version – women ruled, sex was free, babies were brought up communally, and every woman could do as she pleased. In the racial version, the poor now-oppressed race were the rulers, and therefore there was no property, etc., etc. No crime.


But then the serpent evil white race showed up. Or males rebelled. Whatever. Because, you know they didn’t like paradise. And they instituted private property and “capitalism” and since then there’s been this great struggle by the good to overturn the evil. In the end, the good prevails, they confiscate and redistribute all private property and reeducate the people maimed by living under the unjust capitalist system and we go back to living in a utopia.

The liniments of the story should sound familiar if you come from a Judeo-Christian background. It’s the story of creation, fall, and eventual world-redemption, only stripped of a creator, any power superior to the Kommissars and the idea of personal redemption. In fact, in this heresy the individual doesn’t matter at all, only the group he belongs to. 

I doubt any Marxist has been told this story as such, but I promise you it is in the background of a lot of their books, from “non-fiction” to novels. The idea, bonkers as it is and as easy to dismantle as it is, is in the background of their thoughts.

These ideas have been in circulation for a long time, and I guarantee if you read your kids’ school books and look for hints of this you will find it. Particularly in history. I was fortunate (?) to have relatives from many professional backgrounds and to be a compulsive reader. For instance, my sister-in-law in Portugal is an M.D. and studied from American books. Her psychiatric manuals were full of the idea that mental illness was brought about by the unnatural state of “capitalism” and therefore if you abolish capitalism, there will be no mental illness. This, incidentally, was a lot of the idea behind the scenes of the de-institutionalization movement, which closed madhouses and filled our streets with mentally ill homeless. These books, in the seventies, suggested very strongly that America kept as many political prisoners in madhouses as the USSR because capitalism caused madness, which only proved the mad people were sane, since they were rejecting capitalism.


The origins of this devil’s brew go back all the way to the crazy theories of noble savages, overlaid with Marx and then weaponized against healthy societies by the USSR agitprop (agitation and propaganda, the only thing they ever did well).

Now that you have the decoder ring, it is probably starting to make sense why Black Lives Matter immediately jumps to “abolish capitalism”; why feminism jumps to “abolish capitalism”; and why Hollywood has a love affair with making the homeless the repositories of wisdom.

Once your eyes are open you’ll see it everywhere. Which is good, because this stupid mythos, this tissue of half-baked wishful thinking and the toddler’s scream of “it’s not fair,” has permeated society to such an extent that you’re looking at the current spastic insanity from the left as they are.

Yes, I know, a lot of what they’re doing echoes revolutions from the French to the Russian, to a lot of other revolutions throughout the 20th century. I know. I lived through one of the later ones (though this being Portugal – basically the D&D alignment of chaotic neutral with borders – it was the international socialists rebelling against the national socialists). And all of them have the same “touch-feel” and the same incidents. For a long time now I’ve been telling people to watch for a pregnant woman being shot and becoming a martyr of the revolution. If they can manage it, she’ll be black and Latin too. It’s one of the touchstones of the kabuki theater revolutions of the left.

What you should ask yourself, actually, and give an honest answer to, is how these revolutions can all be so similar to each other, step by step and touch by touch in completely different times and societies.


And if you answer honestly, you’ll realize it’s because these events are being staged. In the cargo-cult religion of the left, if they do these things this way, the power will devolve to them, utopia will be installed, and everyone will be happy, even the evil bad rightists after they are re-educated.

That pregnant woman who will get shot “by federal forces” any day now? That is universal, because – I think – if the law officers don’t provide her, her comrades will. (If you have a pregnant daughter stupid enough to gambol with ProAntifa, warn her. She won’t believe you, but your conscience will be clean if she’s the chosen victim.) As are other things, like the evil, mean authorities putting down the “peaceful” protesters and sparking the final rebellion.

There are only two things standing in the way of their sparking their revolution. They’re blind to them, but we should not be.

The first is that there isn’t a vast mass of the “dispossessed” who are natural communists and will “ignite” into violent revolution and take over, given the slightest encouragement.

No, I’m serious, Obama believed in this with all his heart (that poor man is an echo-boomer and a red-diaper baby and so his head is full of excrement to an extent no sane person can believe). Hence his telling bankers he was standing between them and the mob (that Obama was sure was just ready to ignite). Hence, the crazy stupidity of Fast And Furious, which posited that if American guns were found at the site of Mexican cartel crimes, the (oppressed, natch) people of America would rise up and demand gun control in solidarity with their oppressed brethren. And if you look closely, you’ll see the links between Obama and Occupy Wall Street, which they believed was the spark that would send the 99% up in revolution. Only… it failed because the 99% are not “natural communists” wishing to throw off the yoke of capitalism. You need to be exquisitely indoctrinated to believe they are.


The second thing they have wrong, and what I urge you to realize as soon as you can: They are not the “oppressed.” No, I don’t mean by that that there is no oppression in our society. Any human society has people with more power than others. It’s just that the groups and ideas that the left and their violent lap-wolves Antifa have cast as victims aren’t the victims.

In fact, their philosophy—the Marxist ideology they propound and the craziness behind it—has been in control of society, on top, since at least the seventies.

Being a leftist is a mark of being “good” and also well educated. The same way that in Elizabethan England poor mad Christopher Marlowe wrote his stage directions in Latin, to show that he had had an excellent education and deserved respect, so too the leftists of today pepper their works, from movies to TV to books to art, with odes to the oppressed and paeans to the coming revolution. It’s how you show you’re high-class and exquisitely educated.

All the old families, all the rich, all the captains of industry and power brokers signal left as hard as they can, because that’s where the power is—and in my field, the awards, the professorships, and the acclaim. Heck, remember what Trump signaled just to be allowed to do business.

And that’s why I’ve been watching in amusement the left going through the motions of kabuki theater revolution against a society… they control.

If you go read the history of the French Revolution and probably the Russian (it’s been a long time since I actually read on it) you’ll find this is a typical move of the out-of-touch “ruling” and “powerful” class as they start to lose control.


They will proclaim themselves the defenders of the poor, fighting on behalf of the oppressed, their only defense, etc.

It never works. It. Never. Works.

Louis XVI putting a revolutionary coquade atop his powdered wig didn’t save his head from falling to the guillotine.

Real revolutions, not the left’s pretend theater, are not “and the people rose up.” That’s usually the last stage. Real revolutions are caused by living conditions/ways of making a living changing so dramatically that ideology must follow. 

Communism and socialism were – though heads-on-pants insane – well suited to the mentality of mass production and mass movements.

They’re fish out of water in the 21st century. Which is why every move they make turns against them. Their heads are full of a society that no longer exists.

I’m not saying they’re not a danger, particularly in the areas – geographic and social – they control. What I’m saying is that they’re losing that control.

The ramping-up insanity you see is partly their desperate need to keep control and partly the fact that their prophecy has failed twice in two different flavors right before their eyes.

Obama was supposed to usher in a non-white utopia. Well… that didn’t happen. And then when the feminists were about to usher in their feminist utopia, it was snatched from their aching hands.

Their art works and entertainment filled with their gospel truth bring less and less money/acclaim/etc.

Their only chance, as they see it, is to bring about utopia now.

But they’re looking at it backwards. And if they keep on destroying and burning and looting in the hopes the vast “oppressed” hordes who want communism will rise up, this will all end in “Aristo, aristo a la lanterne.”


Stay aware. Stay calm. Don’t get caught up in their play. This is their last push.

And if history is any guide, it will fail. The only question now is how high a butcher’s bill will we have to pay.



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