Don’t Jump Off That Ledge. This Is Just a Blue Smokescreen

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So, yesterday, at my monthly dinner with my fans and commenters on my blog, I found out that I’m not alone.

What am I not alone in? 

In having slept like cr*p since Tuesday and eaten even worse. I’ve been living on popcorn and coffee, which, to be fair, is what I lived on in college. I’m sleeping about three hours a night and dreaming of catastrophic headlines, until waking up more tired than I went to bed.


I’ve been alternating between angry and depressed, and frankly, from what I saw of my fans and commenters, I’m not alone.

And then today I went to Facebook, and lately, they’ve been doing this thing of pushing all sorts of outright propaganda at me. This one was an article about the great future of reconciliation (and truth tribunals) once Joe Biden takes over. And there at the end, almost invisible, was one line: based on projected results.

Oh, projected results, is it? According to whom and why? The mass media? The same people who’ve been projecting a blue wave for half a year now? The same people who pushed their projection that two million people would die of COVID-19? THOSE projections?

I realized what I was looking at, and suddenly I’m not depressed anymore.

I’m still angry, though. I’m angry at the left for their staggering chutzpah and their treasonous attempt to stab at the heart of the republic, and I’m a little angry at all you zombies (Heinlein reference) out there who bought and are buying into it, and yes, that includes me till about two hours ago.

So, why did that make everything click for me?

Well, guys, think about it. The stuff going on with the voting is inky as all get-out. We all saw it happen in real-time. 

And it’s not just the rumors, oh no. My friend, Larry Correia, who used to be a forensic accountant and is now a bestselling writer, wrote a post about all the anomalies with the vote count.


There are a lot of other posts about this, ranging from the wishy-washy “mistakes were obviously made” to the reasonable “look, guys, we know that precincts don’t vote in those proportions, ever” to the out-there fringe “secret watermarks on real ballots.” But Larry brings it all together and ties it with a bow, and it’s done with the kind of analytical mind that dissects why the whole thing smells to high heavens. Some of the things he linked have been changed; in the comments, you’ll find the waybackmachine links to those. Because, yeah, they’re changing the record, since, for the left, 1984 is a how-to manual.

This doesn’t even include the people dual-registered and voting in both California and Arizona brought up in this article. Oh, and apparently the software update issue was in other places, too.

That second article is what finished making me sure we were witnessing a leftist psyops.

You know how they kept talking about the red mirage? Well, this is the blue smokescreen.

It’s not really very convincing, and you can kind of squint through it and see the antifa goons looking all sad-faced, and how the low-info lefties are going to be disappointed like the kiddies who got a healthy snack for Halloween. Honestly, guys, if you look at this the right way, you’ll still be hopping mad, but you have to have a heart of steel not to laugh like a hyena.

Things are bad for the Dems. Really bad.

You see, they thought that they had frauded (totally a word) enough in advance, and the polls assured them they were doing fine. Then, come Election Day, that darn Trump pulled off a landslide election, and they had to stoop to counting and do their best to manufacture more votes ASAP.


Unlike their normal fraud operation (more on that later), this was clumsy and in your face, and we all saw that improbable curve on our screens and went “that just ain’t right.”

Do I have proof they normally fraud? Well, only my lying eyes, when in 2012 I saw 1/3 of the people coming to vote at the poll I was observing being told they’d already voted, and being told in some Denver precincts that the percentage was 2/3. Must be a lot of amnesia going around, right?

Now is this general? Well, there is some reason to believe it is. If nothing else, the fact that the right has made a meme out of “beating the margin of fraud.”

However, the right didn’t want to undermine confidence in our elections, and kept lumping it.

Until Trump. Trump broke the system by being a totally unexpected win, which the left will never forgive. They thought they had it in the bag.

Because they project like IMAX they immediately decided he had cheated with the complicity of the Russians, which, BTW, is one of the most ridiculous just-so stories they could have invented, given how Trump’s policies are far worse for Russia, whose main product is oil, than Obama’s were, what with throttling domestic production.

But this year? This year the left ran what can only be called a Potemkin campaign. And they could only get away with it because of having put most of the nation on lockdown.

And then, to cap it all, they had… what was it that Biden said aloud instead of keeping to himself? The most extensive fraud network in American history? Something like that.


To facilitate it, of course, they mailed everyone unsolicited mail-in ballots in several states, which, as we know, is a crazy-unsecure form of voting.

This on top of the ability to fraud from Motor-Voter, which allows people to sign up to vote who aren’t citizens and sometimes tries to sign them up to vote even when they get their driver’s license with a foreign passport. (Note this is not the only instance of this I’ve heard of, but it is the one I know how to find online. Some of them were published when Motor-Voter was new and shiny, before the net was a thing I could even access.)

So. They committed stupendous levels of fraud. And Trump attracted way more votes than before.

Hence, they were caught, in the middle of the night and then for four days, allegedly madly fabricating votes in instances too numerous to tell. And also discarding a record number of votes in ditches, etc.


Which is how we get to where we are. The right is mad as hell. We have reason to be. And the left is terrified. Or at least those in the know are terrified. 

This wasn’t the normal, carefully planned, subtle fraud. This was fraud created the same way that one breaks into a bank with two sticks of dynamite, instead of picking at the lock.

Such fraud leaves traces. If we look into it we’ll find them. And once we find them, even some secure blue states with all vote-by-mail will be looked at.

And when Trump wins, despite all this nonsense (yes, the left will riot. But that will be different from the last year, how?), and things are looked into, they might lose their permanent fiefdoms created by “all vote-by-mail” states. And then what?


I mean, they had to go the extra mile, because Trump is already on the verge of revealing a lot of their fraud, and now they went and made it worse.

Fall back into what worked before: A massive psyops. Convince the left all is lost, and it’s shameful that Trump hasn’t conceded yet, and get the whole process stopped, and win, and then stop all the investigations into Russiagate and Hunter and—

So, that’s what they’re doing.

And it’s why we have losers like Keith Olberman demanding someone drag Trump from office, right now, which doesn’t even make any sense.

They’re scared.

Oh, not the sheep on the streets. They fell for it, just like they fell for “two million dead from covid.” But the higher-ups, they’re scared.

Years ago, during the ’04 election, a friend told me the Democrats always get louder and more triumphalist when they’re losing. I’ve observed this is true, since then.

So, step down from the ledge. Go take a shower. Have some real food. Eat a vegetable. Ease up on the coffee. Go for a walk.

And don’t fall for the blue smokescreen. And DO NOT abandon Trump. He’s got this, if you guys don’t stab him in the back. He’s got this all the way. Let him play it.

Yes, the Republic is in danger, and yes, things can still go wrong because a lot of the institutions are corrupted.

But the left is covered in flop sweat. They don’t think they’re going to win this.

At least they won’t if you don’t let them into your head.


Be not afraid. In the end, we win, they lose.

And then we clean up our voting system.

But first of all, stop being depressed. Angry is okay. You should be angry. But not depressed. Chances are we’ll be okay. And if we’re not? Well, then we’ll deal with it.

But it starts with not letting the left in your head. Remember that. And don’t get up on the ledge again. 



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