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God-Damn-America Radicalism for the Whole Family!

How could Barack Obama expose his kids week after week, year after year, to the teachings of Reverend Wright? It turns out that among Obama’s kitchen klatch of radical Chicago friends, it’s not unusual for God-damn-America activism to be a family affair. Thus do we find Bill Ayers in a father-son act, touting the Bolivarian revolution of Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez. Thus do we find that the Ayers-Khalidi connection runs on from aging radicals to their expensively educated, “young activist” kids. Andy McCarthy and I began following some of the threads. Here’s our article, on NRO, “In Obama’s Hyde Park, It’s All in the Family.” 

It’s a scene that could leave you wondering what’s in store if Obama gets his dream of enrolling legions of American youth in “community service” in exchange for a college education. What, exactly, would they be taught? And whose idea of “community” would they be serving?