'Ugly Betty' Star America Ferrera Wants to 'Snuggle in Onesies' with Hillary. Seriously.

America Ferrera won’t be satisfied by simply voting for Hillary Clinton.

The erstwhile “Ugly Betty” star wants to binge-watch something on Netflix with the former first lady.



It’s part of Ferrera’s new op-ed supporting the Democratic frontrunner, who just earned a double-digit victory in New York over a rival who never should have gotten out of the starting gate. The actress posted the open letter on both Medium.com and the Huffington Post, opening herself up to stinging ridicule from both conservatives and Bernie Sanders supporters.

It’s not hard to see why.

I’d like to literally stream Netflix and chill with Hillary. Seriously, I’d be down to snuggle in onesies with a pint of mint chocolate chip and do a Gilmore Girls binge with Secretary Clinton … So, yeah, I would totes be Hillary’s BFF.

The verbiage is gag-inducing and downright infantile. It’s sad that so many of us choose candidates based on whether or not we want to share a beer with them. Now, it’s all about streaming guilty pleasures while snuggling up with them on a futon.

Ferrera praises Clinton for fighting on behalf of women, children and illegal immigrants. The hard, cold facts are few and far between. What about Clinton’s tenure at secretary of State?


Ferrera’s on the case!

And she traveled the world as Secretary of State insisting that world leaders include women in their countries’ economic and security plans. That thrills and inspires the hell out of me.

Now, that’s a track record. Oh, wait. It’s actually a generic talking point that fails to mention the disastrous fallout from the Obama administration’s Libya policy.

What about Clinton’s lack of transparency? The stone wall she erects between herself and the press? The Clinton Foundation? And that pesky email scandal that could have put Americans in harm’s way, beyond other obvious problems tied to it?

Somehow, all the talk of chillaxing and sipping wine left little room for those issues.

And let’s not forget how the feminist icon set such an awful role model for her daughter. She “stood by her man” through serial infidelities. Later, she went to war against the women wronged by her husband when it benefited both of their political careers.

The Ferrera piece isn’t alone in the pop culture landscape. Celebrities are trying to rebrand Clinton, who avoids press scenarios that aren’t controlled by her team, as one of us. Comedy Central’s “Broad City” recently featured her in a cameo role, doing all the show could to promote her campaign and her “regular gal” bona fides.



The same thing happened when Clinton made a guest appearance on “Saturday Night Live” late last year. Sure, the show generally depicts her as aloof and cold, but when she appeared in the flesh every effort was made to undo that image.

So don’t vote for Clinton because she’s a woman or has a lousy track record of accomplishment. Vote because, as Ferrera continually states, she’s a “bad ass” who could be your perfect binge-watching partner.


Christian Toto is a freelance writer and editor of HollywoodInToto.com


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