Biden's Holy Week Antics Demonstrated the Left's Elitism

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By now, we should be used to Joe Biden’s missteps and his administration’s insane ideas, but the White House continues to find new ways to blow our minds. Holy Week was rife with Biden blunders, and they all point to one factor that drives the administration on policy and behavior.


Let’s start by looking at Thursday when the Biden campaign took to Rockefeller Center for a tony fundraising event that featured Barack Obama and Bill Clinton and included Stephen Colbert as host. (Side note: I don’t know who is more insufferable, Colbert or Condescender-in-Chief Obama.) That same day, Donald Trump visited a funeral home on Long Island to pay his respects to slain NYPD officer Jonathan Diller, while the White House never acknowledged Diller’s death — an omission that even Al Sharpton pointed out.

Between Good Friday and Easter Sunday, Biden, who loves to make much of his supposedly faithful Catholicism, managed to pay lip service to the resurrection of Jesus while highlighting “Transgender Day of Visibility.” As I wrote on Monday, “The White House statement on Easter was only 94 words, while the proclamation of ‘Transgender Day of Visibility’ clocked in at a whopping 635 words. On the president’s X/Twitter account, the ‘Transgender Day of Visibility’ tweet was twice as long (45 words) as the Easter tweet (20 words).”

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It shouldn't come as a surprise that the Archbishop of the District of Columbia Cardinal Wilton Gregory called Biden a "cafeteria Catholic" on Sunday. The president picks and chooses doctrines to show off, but he also chooses when to flex his faith (you know, when it's convenient for him.

Charles Lipson highlighted the boneheadedness of this Biden blunder at the Spectator when he wrote, “For a Catholic president such as Joe Biden, expressing solidarity with co-religionists on Easter ought to be a well-practiced routine.”


Lipson continued:

It took genuine incompetence and obtuseness for the Biden White House to muck up the chance to reach out to fellow Christians on the holiest day of their calendar. But that’s exactly what the White House did on Sunday — Easter Day — by stressing its strong backing for Transgender Day of Visibility. All they had [to] say was, “We love trans people and we will celebrate Visibility Day on Monday this year.” But noooooooo. It’s hard to think of a more obvious train wreck a-comin’. But this White House ignored the flashing red lights, drove right onto the tracks, and parked.

And then there was the White House Easter Egg Roll, which has been a tradition since 1878. Not only did Biden introduce the “Oyster Bunnies,” but the White House barred religious symbols from appearing on the eggs, even though Easter is an explicitly religious holiday. Who would respond positively to a move like that? Urban progressives, of course.

Therein lies the problem with the Biden administration (and by extension much of the Democrat Party). Today’s Democrats cater their policies to an elitist base of far-left squeaky wheels, and by doing so they stand to alienate the more moderate voters that could give them victory on Election Day.

The modern left has become so rotten with elitism that it has grown insular and almost inbred like old-school European royalty. The ideas and proposals that push the Democrats further to the left are coming from the same people at the same institutions. These people don’t know how to appeal to middle- and working-class Americans because they are so far removed from them that they’re foreign.


As Lipson puts it:

The progressive brain trust at the heart of the Democratic Party is far removed from the party of Franklin D. Roosevelt, Harry S. Truman or even Lyndon B. Johnson. Today’s party activists went to elite schools where diversity means the children of orthopedic surgeons of different races, not students with diverse viewpoints or economic backgrounds. After college, they head to top law schools, where uniformity of thought reigns, and then into corporate law firms or hedge funds. The communications staff might have gone to journalism school, worked at a PR firm specializing in green energy and then a lobbying outfit with similar clients. At every stage, conformity of opinion is an absolute requirement for admission, hiring or friendship. 

When you recruit your White House staff, communications team and campaign advisors from this shallow pool, filled with Fiji Water, it shouldn’t be a surprise that they choose policies, symbols, and PR strategies that... not only fail to connect with ordinary voters, but actually offend them.

This is the mindset that leads the administration to declare that gas-powered cars are evil and that everyone should simply buy an expensive electric vehicle – or multiple vehicles. It’s the mentality that leads leftists to treat anyone who doesn’t completely agree with them as enemies. It’s the attitude that makes them think that Biden palling around with the two most smug people on the planet (Obama and Colbert) isn’t a problem; they can simply gaslight their way out of it.

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The Biden administration is suffering from a blinding elitism. Hopefully, it will cost the Democrats plenty come November. 

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