Atlanta Police Department Releases Body Cam Footage From 'Cop City' Shooting

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The saga surrounding a public safety training center that the city of Atlanta is planning on building continues. After an altercation at the site in which a Georgia state trooper was shot and an Antifa domestic terrorist was shot and killed, the family of the Antifa protester who died has demanded that the police release body cam footage.


The Atlanta Police Department (APD) has finally released body cam footage from that day. Although it doesn’t show the shooting, you can see officers from multiple law enforcement agencies attempting to clear the site of occupying activists, including close-ups of what the task force members find in the tents. Officers take items like a blow torch, measuring tape, nylon rope, and a cell phone into evidence.

At one point, the officers hear four shots, a pause, and then a series of shots of various calibers. All of the shooting takes place a distance away from where the task force members are clearing the property, so they don’t immediately know what’s going on.

Then, you can hear some radio transmissions:

First officer: “Green tent… 100 meters from the crate… we have a big range of fireworks… we have a male screaming… not sure… are all officers okay?”

Second officer: “Got one officer down.”

“At least one of those bullets was fired from a Smith & Wesson M&P Shield 9mm legally purchased by 26-year-old Manuel Esteban Paez Teran, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation said,” Fox 5 Atlanta reports. “Forensic evidence suggests one of the bullets fired from the gun ended up wounding a trooper in the ‘pelvic-area.’ The trooper was wearing a bullet-proof vest.”


The officers move closer to the green tent, while sirens wail and ATVs roar in the background. Police warn that the K9 unit is present and that the officers will fire non-lethal pepper balls into the tent. They eventually find Teran dead.

The Georgia State Patrol doesn’t wear body cameras under most circumstances, so we don’t have footage that directly involves the trooper’s shooting. But the Georgia Bureau of Investigation states that Teran refused to comply with the officers’ orders, which ensued in an “exchange of gunfire.”

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Fox 5 also reports that the APD is assigning 30 officers to guard the site of the future training facility 24 hours a day.

Watch the entire 38-minute footage here. WARNING: Some language.

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