Border State Governors Take Security Into Their Own Hands

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It’s no secret that the crisis at our border with Mexico isn’t going to get any better unless somebody other than the Biden administration takes charge. The GOP governors of our Southern border states look to be ready to do so.


On Monday, Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey delivered his State of the State address, and he devoted a significant portion of his message to securing Arizona’s border.

One of the bold statements that Ducey made regarding the border was the announcement of a multi-state border force led by governors who are concerned about the flow of illegal immigration, including Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas:

Border security is national security, and the lack of action from D.C. puts every American at risk. In November, I dispatched Arizona’s top-ranking enforcement officers to partner with their peers in Texas: Major General Kerry Muehlenbeck, Department of Public Safety Colonel Heston Silbert, and Department of Homeland Security Director Tim Roemer. In December, we finalized the plan. Texas Governor Greg Abbott and I are teaming up to form the American Governor’s Border Strike Force – a commitment between states to do what the Biden administration is unwilling to do: Patrol and secure our border.


Ducey authorized his own state’s Border Strike Force in 2015. In addition to having a badass name that sounds like something out of an 80s action movie, the Arizona Border Strike Force partners with local, federal, and other state agencies to coordinate enforcement.

“The BSF utilizes existing infrastructure and partnerships with federal, state, county, tribal, and local law enforcement agencies in the border region,” the organization’s website reads. “Partnerships among agencies will be leveraged for the purpose of conducting enforcement operations designed to interdict criminal activity in southern and central Arizona.”

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Will other states join in the American Governor’s Border Strike Force? That’s not clear yet, although other states, including my home state of Georgia, have dispatched National Guard troops to the border to assist with enforcement. Of course, the more states that can be involved the better — strength in numbers and all that — so hopefully this new multi-state strike force can grow stronger with more support.

In addition to announcing this new initiative, Ducey called on the federal government to work harder on border security:


I’m calling on our United States senators to join this fight to secure our border. No member of the Arizona congressional delegation that actually cares about the safety of our communities should vote “yes” on any legislation until the President agrees to language that does the following: Secures our border with a wall, a physical barrier and virtual surveillance; increases resources to the local communities that have been devastated by these dangerous open border policies; and makes it clear that our border is not open to illegal immigration.

He specifically called out his state’s senators: “Senator Kelly, Senator Sinema — check my website. We’ve even drafted the language for you.”

The old adage states that “If you want something done right, do it yourself.” Arizona and Texas are taking this advice literally and doing what they need to do to secure their borders. Here’s to their success.


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