Keeping America Great

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There was so much made of Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign slogan: “Make America Great Again.” It was easy to see where the Trump campaign was going with the phrase: the Obama years were characterized by apologies for American action, the undoing of many policies that worked, and the addition of policies like Obamacare that flew in the face of capitalism and freedom.


I don’t fault the Trump camp for the slogan — it turned out to be effective. But I believe that America has always been great.

Why is America great? America is great because of baseball and college football. America is great because of fried chicken and banana pudding and biscuits and gravy. America is great because of innovation and creativity. America is great because of the hardworking people in small towns, suburbs, and cities.

Above all else, America is great because of freedom.

Right now, it seems like our freedoms are constantly under assault. The Biden administration, leftists in academia, and a mainstream media complex that’s willing to carry water for every left-wing cause work together to push American in a direction it was never meant to go.

But just like the prophet Elijah had a remnant of faithful Israelites that God had set aside, there’s a remnant of freedom-loving Americans who are working hard to keep America great.

If you’re here, chances are you’re part of that remnant. And one way you can help keep America great is to support fearless journalism and analysis that stands up for truth and freedom.

In fact, we need you to help stand up for America.

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