BREAKING: DeSantis Cruises to Victory in Florida

Check back throughout the evening for updates about these important races in Florida. Up-to-the-minute results powered by DDHQ are below. You can sort by race (governor, U.S. Senate, and attorney general) and county. For all races across the U.S., click here.


Update 9:20 p.m.: I told Paula earlier that Florida wouldn’t get exciting unless Crist shot himself in the head in his concession speech or DeSantis took more than 75 percent of the vote. So it looks like DeSantis will only win by roughly 60/40, and Crist appears to have survived his concession speech, so Florida hasn’t been exciting at all.

But it’s still informative. DeSantis has closed the deal, and Florida is now (and probably for some years to come) a red state. In the 2024 presidential campaign — which, sadly, starts about noon Eastern tomorrow — DeSantis is probably the leading candidate except (possibly) for Trump. (I’m suspicious Trump won’t actually get to the nomination and maybe not even the primaries. Don’t know why, just a hunch.) Looking at the other states, it looks like Florida’s 2000/2001 election debacle and the voting process changes that followed worked; Florida should be an example for the rest of the country if secure fair elections and quick results are the goals.

Update 8:07 p.m.: DDHQ has called Florida for Sen. Marco Rubio and Gov. Ron DeSantis, both Republicans. Rubio is winning 56-42 with 86% of the vote in. DeSantis leads Crist 58-41.


Original article:

Florida has been a political focus since 2000, when the decision between Al Gore and George W. Bush came down to a few hundred votes. This election year, and honestly, the two years previous, since Ron DeSantis narrowly beat Andrew Gilliam (D-bauchery) to become governor, it’s been even more of a political topic, as DeSantis has refused to go along with many things that the Legacy Media and the Biden Maladministration have tried to push down peoples’ throats.

With, it must be said, notable success. DeSantis removed most pandemic restrictions very early, including opening schools and distributing monoclonal antibody COVID treatments until the Biden administration cut off supply. As a result, Florida’s economy avoided the massive impact of lockdowns and attracted hundreds of thousands of new residents fleeing blue states like New York. DeSantis and his lead spokeswoman, Christina Pushaw, have made deriding and embarrassing the legacy media into an art form, although the media have made it a target-rich environment.

As a result, DeSantis leads his opponent, Charlie Crist (D-convenience), by 11 points in the most recent poll — partly because the Republicans have registered nine new voters for every one Democrat.


For our VIPs: DeSantisLand: Florida Could Lose Its Swing State Status in November

Republican incumbent Ashley B. Moody and Aramis Ayala will face off for the position of Flordia attorney general, which is not likely to be a competitive race.

Republican Senator Marco Rubio leads his opponent Val Demings by around five points, and other Republicans have similar leads. All things considered, this should portend a Republican sweep in Florida. The only poll that matters, though, is the one on November 8.



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