Democrats Push Depopulation as U.S. Fertility Plummets

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

Democrats are aggressively, enthusiastically, and even desperately pushing depopulation measures, most particularly abortion. Yet this comes as U.S. fertility and the birthrate are ready to drop off the proverbial cliff.

Leftists around the world legitimately do want to reduce the population by a significant amount; Bill Gates actually quantified it by suggesting a reduction of 10% to 15% in a 2010 TED Talk. Democrats are no different, with their crazed support for abortion, contraception, castrating transgender surgeries, and more. But this is very dangerous at a time when many areas of the world, particularly America, are heading for demographic collapse.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention admitted in April about 2023:

The general fertility rate in the United States decreased by 3% from 2022, reaching a historic low. This marks the second consecutive year of decline, following a brief 1% increase from 2020 to 2021. From 2014 to 2020, the rate consistently decreased by 2% annually.

In fact, U.S. schools are now preparing for an “enrollment cliff.” The “peak high school graduate” year is supposed to be in 2025 or 2026, Breitbart reported, with about 3.9 million young Americans graduating. But, following that peak, schools are bracing for a decade of declining student numbers.

Now, there are multiple reasons for this decline. Quite a few students never returned to school after COVID-19 lockdowns, and colleges could look at enrollment drops as pro-Hamas college students riot on campus and expose how woke most degrees and educational institutions are now. But the birthrate drop in 2008 and the recent fertility decrease cited above definitely have contributed and will contribute to the enrollment cliff.

Democrats are still determined to promote abortion as much as possible even though every form of abortion brutally kills a baby and is psychologically harmful for women. Joe Biden and his handlers have made abortion a centerpiece of the 2024 presidential campaign, even though abortion isn’t the top issue for most women (the economy is). Harmful contraception and abortion are promoted to women as “liberating,” while motherhood is denigrated, leaving women alone, used, childless … and dependent on woke politics for their only meaning in life.

Democrats also, of course, try to indoctrinate U.S. children from infancy on with pro-transgender propaganda. Damaging “treatments” and surgeries are promoted as ways to achieve happiness and self-esteem but instead leave youth sterile, depressed, and even suicidal.

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Some leftists have even encouraged young Americans not to have kids because of the fake “climate crisis.” It seems Democrats can turn anything into an excuse for killing or sterilizing more people. And while Democrats brainwash young people with their suicidal depopulation ideology, America is headed for a population collapse — while Democrats bring in record numbers of illegal aliens. Yes, you are being replaced.

Young Americans need to defy the leftist propaganda and older Americans need to encourage youth to do so before we commit demographic suicide.



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