Blasphemous ‘Drag Nuns’ Headline Children's Library Event

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Anti-Catholic drag queens infamous for lewd and blasphemous displays are scheduled to read to little kids at a library event this Pride month.

When the LA Dodgers baseball team honored the “Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence” last June, it understandably sparked outrage and protests, given the flagrantly disturbed nature of the drag queens’ signature performances. Yet, shockingly, a California library decided these drag freaks were just the people who should be reading cute stories to tiny tots.


Return to Order reported:

Some of their activities include portraying homosexual men pole dancing on a crucifix, declaring pedophilic ‘saints,’ hosting sarcastic confession nights in homosexual bars and performing lewd acts while dressed up as Jesus and Mary.

Not only that, a member of the drag group was arrested last September for masturbating in public at a California beach.

Apparently, according to Return to Order, the Sonoma County Library system is so excited by these anti-Christian sexual deviants that it decided to provide the drag “sisters” the opportunity to read to kids. The “Storytime with the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence” is scheduled for June 22. In fact, it seems this isn’t the first time the drag-hags have done this.

The Sonoma County Library site refers to the scheduled Guerneville Regional Library event as a “tradition” in its description: “Join the Russian River community and the local Sisters for a fun and fabulous story time for all ages! A Guerneville Library Pride tradition.” Again, to emphasize, the designated age group is “All Ages.” It’s never too early to start grooming the kiddies!


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John Horvat II, who is the vice president of the American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family, and Property (TFP), urges the “immediate cancellation of this offensive, anti-Catholic event.” TFP launched a petition and organized a prayer protest to occur outside the library when the drag story hour takes place. Horvat insisted, “If this event continues as planned, our children will be taught that the LGBT agenda is a good thing; that making fun of Catholics is a good thing; and worst of all, that mocking God is a good thing.” Sadly, that is exactly what the woke left wants children to believe.

Blasphemous “performers” like the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence wouldn’t even be promoted for adult audiences in a well-ordered society, let alone for children. One can only imagine the horror of the Founding Fathers, who were proud to have established America as a Judeo-Christian nation, could they see such events being promoted today. Then again, the whole concept of Pride Month is completely antithetical to the Bible, which explicitly condemns homosexuality and sexual deviancy numerous times.


But, of course, even some adults who identify as LGBTQ (such as the Gays Against Groomers organization) oppose such events as Guerneville Regional Library is hosting for children. It is incredibly alarming that any parents or library workers would think that drag queens who proudly advertise their blasphemous sexual acts should be allowed anywhere near young and impressionable children.



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