Exclusive: FBI Whistleblowers Urge Americans to Watch New ‘Police State’ Film

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Dinesh D’Souza’s new movie “Police State” premiered this week, and two FBI whistleblowers featured in the film are urging Americans from all political viewpoints to watch the movie and “understand how broken our system has become.”


Steve Friend and Kyle Seraphin both used to be FBI agents until the blatant weaponization of the FBI under Joe Biden caused them to become whistleblowers. Seraphin and Friend were among the experts D’Souza featured in “Police State,” which has its virtual premiere Friday night (Oct. 27). They told me why they think this film is so important for all Americans to see in exclusive comments to PJ Media.

Friend explained, ”I’ve spent the last year traveling and speaking against the weaponized FBI and DOJ. ‘Police State’ brilliantly highlights many of the abuses our government regularly perpetrates against citizens of every race, creed, and political ideology.” He added, “It is imperative for Americans to watch this film and understand how broken our system has become.”

Seraphin explained why the film is personally relevant to viewers, “In order to prepare for a threat, you must be able to recognize the threat. Many Americans see a small portion of the movements of the state against individual liberties, but they don’t see each piece of evidence as part of a larger movement and the danger that movement presents to the concept of a free Constitutional republic.”


Americans from all political viewpoints deserve to see the full picture. “’Police State’ connects dots in the context of how each data point shows a larger picture of incremental tyranny,” Seraphin told me. “This is not a political film as the Police State has been encouraged by Republicans and Democrats alike.“

Indeed, with peaceful, ordinary American citizens including pro-lifers, traditional Catholics, MAGA, and concerned parents targeted by the federal government, and with the mass tech-government online censorship effort, no one can afford to ignore this reality. During COVID-19, we saw many of our basic constitutional rights suspended almost overnight. An overreaching federal government affects everyone.

The “Police State” film highlighted how the FBI after the Patriot Act had more demand for anti-terrorism resources than supply, meaning they turned resources meant to be used against violent terrorists against Americans instead, including those with political viewpoints of which the government does not approve. “What we need is a person to look at, and then we go out and find what crime you did,” Seraphin summed it up in the movie. Friend, as shown in the film, resigned from the FBI after he realized the threat of counter-terrorism was being inflated falsely to justify unconstitutional force against individuals with certain political opinions — especially the Jan. 6 protestors.


”Police State” was a terrifying movie to watch, but it ended on a note of hope — an encouragement for all viewers to sing the National Anthem in solidarity with the Jan. 6 political prisoners. If Americans know what the federal government is trying to do and stand up to it, united, we can stop tyranny in its tracks.



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