Biden Education Sec.’s Disdain for Parents and Chesterton’s Warning About Marxism

AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

The latest Biden official to scoff that parents don’t know what’s best for their children is Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona. His attitude is a reminder of G.K. Chesterton’s warning that the ultimate Communist/Marxist claim is that all children are “our” children.

I originally cited Chesterton’s warning when Joe Biden said in April, “Our nation’s children are all our children.” With Cardona’s recent sneer at parents who protest woke school policies “acting like they know what’s right for kids,” it seems apropos to return to Chesterton’s observation: “[Modern humanitarianism] has shown an increasing disregard for the privacy of the private citizen, considered as a parent. For what could be more purely and perfectly Communist than to say that you regard other people’s children as if they were your own?” Chesterton, a brilliant early 20th-century Christian Catholic writer, was a strong voice denouncing the Marxist poisoning of the culture. It’s incredible how prophetic his words were a century ago — coming to their full rotten fruition now.

PJ Media’s Matt Margolis previously highlighted the danger of Cardona’s sentiments, expressed during an AP interview: “There was civility. We could disagree. We could have healthy conversations, um, around what’s best for kids. I respect differences of opinion. I don’t have too much respect for people that are misbehaving in public and then acting like they know what’s right for kids.”

How dare parents think they know what’s right for their own children! Obviously, perversion-loving Marxists who manage to turn everything they touch into a steaming heap of failure are the ones who really know what’s right for kids.

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Chesterton’s essay, now found in the 1930s collection “All I Survey,” started by quoting a “political lady” who had recently said, “We must care for other people’s children as if they were our own.” He wrote (emphasis added):

And when I read those words, I smote the table with my hand, like one who has suddenly located and smashed a wasp. I said to myself, ‘That’s it! She’s got it! She’s got the exactly correct formula for the worst and most poisonous of all the political wrongs that rot out the entrails of the world. That is what has wrecked democracy; wrecked domesticity through the breadth and depth of democracy; wrecked dignity…that is what has taken away from the poor man the pride and honor of the father of a household…his children are not his children; and democracy is dead

She does not comprehend a word of the terrible sentence that she has spoken’…[it’s this:] ‘We, the rich, can take care of poor people’s children as if they were our own. As we have abolished their parents, they are all orphans.’

Chesterton explained how this statement means that a privileged, supposedly enlightened, and wealthy elite has the right to control the lives of children poorer than their own. It’s the attitude that Biden and Cardona and the groomers who secretly “gender transition” children in school have. This pernicious philosophy would not only undermine society, Chesterton predicted, but it would allow a disturbing amount of control by the rich. We can now see he was most discomfitingly prophetic.

NYC drag marchers chanted earlier this year, “We’re here, we’re queer, we’re coming for your children.” At the time, I summed up all the reasons to support the argument that the LGBTQ movement is totally invested in pedophilia. And that’s a pro-perversion attitude that has permeated the highest levels of the Biden administration. Months before Cardona’s comments, as noted above, Joe Biden said, “There is no such thing as someone else’s child. Our nation’s children are all our children.” Then, in May, White House Press Secretary and open lesbian Karine Jean-Pierre critiqued states with restrictions on damaging puberty blockers and “transgender” surgeries for minors. “That’s something that we have to call out and continue to be very clear about. These are kids. These are our kids. They belong to all of us,” KJP declared.

Marxists believe in the State replacing the parent. That’s exactly what the Biden administration and LGBTQ crazies are trying to do — and, as Chesterton warned us almost a hundred years ago, we cannot allow that to happen, or a free society cannot survive.



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