Gen. Flynn Is Right: We Must Not Accept COVID Lockdowns 2.0

(AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster, File)

Gen. Michael Flynn just said he won’t be masking up again, if the powers-that-be attempt COVID-19 restrictions 2.0. And, in my opinion, we should all be adopting his attitude.

MRCTV’s Nick Kangadis reported Sept. 14:

Gen. Michael Flynn was interviewed on Wednesday at a Flyover Conservatives event where he spoke about COVID restrictions or measures possibly coming back into our society, and he said that he will NOT be complying with any of them.

“If somebody says you can’t go in here unless you mask up and tells me I gotta stand 6 feet apart from somebody in a line to get in a plane, and then I’m going to be jammed next to them in a seat, I will not do that,” Flynn said. “I will not do that. I will not put a mask on. I will not go into that store. I will go find some other place.”

The COVID-19 restrictions were universally damaging and provided no proven significant benefits.  The lockdowns severely damaged whole economies. Thousands of businesses closed permanently and who knows how many people lost their jobs. Suicides, especially among young people, spiked dramatically; in some areas, suicides were exceeding COVID deaths. Mental health issues went up. Church attendance went down.

Necessary, life-saving healthcare was denied to people, first because certain procedures were classified as non-essential and later because of vaccination status. A whole generation of children is developmentally and educationally delayed due to lockdowns and masking. The list of harms is endless, and there is still no definite proof that the lockdowns and masking saved lives; in fact, multiple studies and analyses have concluded that masks are almost entirely useless and lockdowns did far more damage than good. In fact, in some countries, lockdowns triggered near-famines.

And how can we forget the nightmare of the COVID-19 vaccine passports and requirements? How many thousands of people lost their jobs or their scholarships due to vaccination status? I personally know multiple people who were pressured into taking the vaccine. I know even more people who now have severe vaccine injuries.

Healthcare was denied, access to social functions and venues was refused, travel was restricted, and job opportunities limited for the unvaccinated. They were vilified and blamed for every reported increase in COVID deaths. (Now it turns out the vaccinated are more likely to get infected.) Whether you got the COVID vaccines or not, you should be horrified at the social credit system that was imposed for months during COVID based on vaccination status.

Also for our VIPs: For the Love of God, Do Not Comply With Lockdowns 2.0

We cannot do this again. Our children, our economies, our psyches, our health, cannot handle COVID lockdowns 2.0. For many people, the fateful COVID policy decisions were actually life or death. For many more, there were jobs or trips or scholarships or events or experiences that they were deprived of, that can never be restored. Almost every person in America and in many countries around the world lost something due to COVID policies, and some people lost everything.

This time, for our own sake and the sake of those we love, we have to say “NO.”


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