Chinese Law REQUIRES All Foreign Companies to Host CCP Cells

(AP Photo/Ng Han Guan)

If Hitler said you could have a company in Germany only if you let Nazi operatives work within your company to advance the Third Reich, would you say yes? Dozens if not hundreds of American companies have done the equivalent, because the genocidal and dictatorial Chinese Communist Party (CCP) requires all foreign companies in China to be willing to host CCP cells and facilitate Party activities. No ethics concerns there, am I right?


The Company Law of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) was originally adopted in 1993, meaning that foreign companies operating in China (including Johnson&Johnson, Tesla, Starbucks, Airbnb, Disney, and Apple) have been hosting CCP cells for 30 years now. The Company Law, in its 2018 iteration, states:

Article 19 The Chinese Communist Party may, according to the Constitution of the Chinese Communist Party, establish its branches in companies to carry out activities of the Chinese Communist Party. The company shall provide necessary conditions to facilitate the activities of the Party.

That would be the CCP that is history’s biggest mass murderer (with 500 million victims), that runs the world’s worst surveillance and censorship state, and that is still practicing genocide and other atrocities.

As a representative of the anti-CCP organization New Federal State of China (NFSC) recently said on Justin Barclay’s show about the Company Law, “[Companies are] entering [the] China market for ‘getting rich,’” but “the CCP will not give you [a] free stake, okay. They will always get something from you.” In other words, the CCP believes companies should only be allowed in China to help forward their interests. The NFSC representative clarified that it’s not only that the CCP must be allowed to have cells in companies; the CCP asks every company to host a cell. This is not a possibility but a reality for companies in China.

She explained how the CCP regime grew out of a movement started by a small cell of a few individuals planted in China by  Vladimir Lenin. “It’s like a cancer, cancerous cell. They multiply and grow in your body without you realizing it,” she said. CCP plants “see everything” in a company and report to the CCP, she insisted.


This also tallies with the fact that China practices “civil-military fusion,” where everything in the economic and tech spheres is accessible to the Chinese military, the People’s Liberation Army (PLA). In China, there really is no such thing as strictly “private” enterprise. Everything and everyone must serve the goals of the evil CCP.

There is no excuse for foreign companies, especially U.S. companies, to operate in China. We made ourselves far too dependent economically on the whims of the anti-U.S. and overly ambitious CCP, which does consistently try to manipulate or undermine other countries economically. Now it’s time to turn that around. Every company operating in China is not only actively working with the genocidal and oppressive CCP—it’s helping the CCP economically undermine and sabotage America and the rest of the free world.


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