Trump Says He Has the Solution to the Border Crisis

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Joe Biden is “wiping out the few remaining shreds of our southern border,” Donald Trump insists.

The border crisis has already reached record proportions. According to a recent post from the Border Patrol Union, the Border Patrol is arresting 7,700 migrants a day in a sharp increase. But with Trump-era Title 42 restrictions set to end, that crisis could get exponentially worse. Former President Donald Trump released a video where he slammed Joe Biden’s plan to let Title 42 end as certain to cause “utter lawlessness.” Trump also proposed his own solution to the catastrophe.


“Under my leadership, we had the most secure border in U.S. history by far,” Trump began in the video, which his son Donald Trump Jr., tweeted. “We replaced catch-and-release with detain and deport. One of my most successful policies was Title 42, which allowed for instant expulsion of any illegal alien who crossed our borders.” It’s that policy that is supposed to end soon under Biden. “Anybody, if they were bad, we got ’em out, we got ’em out fast,” Trump went on. “Those who trespassed into our country could be immediately sent back to the place from which they came.”

But Trump said that Biden “terminated every successful border policy” from Trump’s term, including Remain in Mexico, “deliberately throwing open the borders and instituting catch-and-release and resettling untold millions and millions of illegal aliens into the United States.”

The suspect in the recent horrific Texas massacre of four adults and a child had been deported at least four times previously. I highlighted in a recent article for PJ Media how many of the criminals the Border Patrol apprehends were previously deported. Under Biden, it’s easy for these criminals to enter the United States illegally no matter what their past was.


In usual Trump style, the former president did exaggerate somewhat, insisting the border was “absolutely closed” under his administration and no illegals could get in. There was, of course, illegal migration under Trump, but it was significantly lower than under Biden, and there was a lot more deportation.

”Now Joe Biden is preparing to remove the last remnants of my Title 42 policy,” Trump said, “just a few weeks from now, wiping out the few remaining shreds of our southern border. Hundreds of thousands of people will pour in that day, and the judge already said that’s what’s going to happen. This will mean complete and total mayhem and utter lawlessness.” Rep. Andy Biggs (R-Ariz.) also warned that the cartels are massing up to a million illegals on the border to wait for Title 42 to lift.

Trump insisted that “unlimited numbers of fraudulent asylum seekers [will] flood into the United States unchecked, they are unchecked, nobody has any idea where they come from.” The Border Patrol Union said many migrants now are coming from countries that are “not normal.”


Hundreds of military-age Chinese men are lining up daily to enter the U.S. in what some are warning is a covert military invasion. Somalia and Afghanistan are hotspots for terrorist activity. As Trump noted, we don’t know about the health or prison status of most of these illegal aliens, coming from dozens of countries.

The illegal aliens massed by the cartels are “getting ready to storm across the moment Title 42, which is so important, is officially gone… and when that happens, countless more will charge in from all over the world.” Some states like California are encouraging illegals to come and apply for free handouts. The Biden administration will now reportedly allow illegals to apply for Obamacare and Medicaid. This encourages more illegal immigration, Trump pointed out.

“It’s absolute lunacy. It will be a mass resettlement of millions and millions of illegal aliens into your communities, and the invasion will be aided, abetted, and facilitated by the Biden administration, every step of the way,” Trump went on. He urged Congress to “terminate” funding for catch-and-release. “We should ban Joe Biden and the Communists in the administration from using a single federal taxpayer dollar to set loose illegal aliens into the United States.”


We have to “make sure our country survives,” Trump said. He promised that he will, if elected president again, “immediately begin the process of fully securing the border and removing the illegal aliens Joe Biden has unlawfully allowed to break into our country.”


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