North Korea Unveils New Nukes as U.S. Argues about ‘Misgendering’

Vincent Yu

As a U.S. aircraft carrier arrived in South Korea for military drills, North Korea responded by unveiling new nuclear warheads. I guess that’s what you call an explosive statement.


Photos of the  smaller nuclear warheads, called Hwasan-31s, were released by North Korea’s Korean Central News Agency (KCNA), Reuters reported.

Nuclear experts reportedly said that, based on the photos, North Korea has made progress “in miniaturising warheads that are powerful yet small enough to mount on intercontinental ballistic missiles capable of striking the United States.” 

Meanwhile, back in America, mainstream media outlets, including New York Times, USA Today, and CNN, are apologizing for referring to a female murderer as a woman because she called herself “he/him,” and President Joe Biden cracks jokes about ice cream before discussing the shooting of six people, including three young children. Somehow, that’s not encouraging.

North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un visited the Nuclear Weapons Institute to inspect the nukes, nuclear counterattack operation plans, and ballistic missile warhead mounting tech. Kim was further reportedly briefed on an “IT-based integrated nuclear weapon management system called Haekbangashoe,” which Reuters reported means “nuclear trigger.”


The dictator ordered his country’s nuclear arsenal to be increased “exponentially.” A South Korean military spokesman said it is not known if the new warheads are deployable, per Reuters, though “North Korea fired short-range ballistic missiles on Monday and conducted a nuclear counterattack simulation last week against the U.S. and South Korea.” North Korea is accusing the allies of conducting a rehearsal for invasion.

While the reality of the nukes is not known, Seoul National University nuclear engineering professor Emeritus Kune Y. Suh sees reason for concern: “It has something more powerful in a smaller space. That’s worrisome.” Former South Korean naval officer Kim Dong-yup described “a miniaturised, lightweight and standardised warhead” with eight delivery platforms based on the photos. “ Now that the delivery vehicles are nearly ready, they would churn out warheads to secure second strike capabilities — perhaps hundreds, not dozens — while running centrifuges even harder to get weapons-grade nuclear material,” the former officer and professor warned.

While Korea worries about nuclear warheads, transgender activists in America are lecturing the media about using the “correct” pronouns for Tennessee mass shooter Audrey Hale, who called herself “Aiden” before she shot up an elementary school. Transgender activists in Tennessee and elsewhere are literally accusing conservatives of “trans genocide.” Tennessee’s supposed “genocidal” actions currently are enacting laws to prevent drag queens from performing in venues that might have children and restricting “transgender” surgeries for minors.


North Korea might not have quite the nuclear capabilities it says it does, but it’s certainly serious about targeting South Korea and the U.S. “Serious” is not really an apt descriptor of much of America right now.

White House national security spokesperson John Kirby stated that North Korea is not open to talks about denuclearization in the Korean Peninsula, though the U.S. is. “So we will continue to make sure that we have the appropriate military capabilities and the appropriate readiness to use those capabilities if need be, to protect our national security interests and those of our allies,” Kirby claimed.

According to South Korean Rear Admiral Kim Ji-hoon, the joint exercises aim to improve American “extended deterrence,” which refers to the U.S. nuclear umbrella protecting ally South Korea.

North Korea’s Rodong Sinmun carried a commentary alleging that the U.S.-South Korea military exercises are supposedly equivalent to “an open declaration of war,” Reuters noted. Kim Jong Un, however, asserted that the nuclear arsenal is just for defense and regional stability. The North Korean military “simulated a nuclear airburst with two tactical ballistic missiles equipped with mock warheads” and allegedly tested an underwater attack drone with nuclear capabilities.


The only new thing “nuclear” in America right now is transgenders’ reaction to being banned from cutting off 12-year-olds’ body parts.


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