CNN Whines That Biden’s Classified Docs Scandal Might Undermine Trump Witch Hunt

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CNN is very upset about the Joe Biden classified documents scandal, but not because the Democrat president appears to have committed a felony; no, CNN is upset that this might undermine the witch hunt against Donald Trump and other Republicans. How inconvenient that Democrats’ criminal activity might interfere with partisan politics.

In a January 12 article headlined “Biden’s document scandal eats away at efforts to hold Republicans accountable,” CNN writer Stephen Collinson tried to downplay the scandal of Joe Biden taking classified documents to more than one location, including the University of Pennsylvania Biden Center and his garage, and moving them more than once, none of which he had the authority to do as vice president (which is what he then was). Meanwhile, Trump did have the authority to remove classified documents he had declassified as president, despite CNN’s attempt to conflate the situations.

Article III Project founder and legal expert Mike Davis said Biden committed multiple felonies by not only taking the documents he didn’t have the authority to take, and storing them in unsecured locations, but also moving them more than once.

As PJ Media’s Matt Margolis noted on Jan. 10, the classified documents at the Penn Biden Center were discovered just before the midterms, but only reported on now. Biden claimed he was “surprised to learn that there are any government records that were taken to that office.” Margolis explained that the documents related to Ukraine, Iran, and the United Kingdom, and said Biden’s surprise was probably fake. This seems more true than ever after the discovery of classified documents in Biden’s garage. Incidentally, Biden was paid a hefty salary as a Penn professor, even though he never taught a course, and China provided the University with a lot of funding. A little suspicious, yes?

CNN said Biden’s actions had “stark differences” from Trump’s because the classified documents were turned over to the National Archives “once the documents were discovered.” So taking classified documents contrary to law is okay if they’re given back once they’re discovered? And we’re supposed to believe no one knew they were there? And what about the documents in Biden’s garage?

CNN added, “Trump stalled and refused to hand over the documents in his possession leading the FBI to raid his Florida home to retrieve them.” Again, Trump had the authority to declassify and possess the documents, unlike Biden, and Trump had been cooperating with the National Archives, not resisting.

CNN also claimed that Biden had fewer documents than Trump (which now seems questionable). I guess a felony isn’t a felony if there are fewer documents involved?

The CNN article spent more time talking about the admittedly ridiculous lies of Rep. George Santos (R-N.Y.) than about the details of Biden’s scandal—and thus showed its hypocrisy. It’s hard to find any politician who has embellished his life story more than Joe Biden, yet CNN kept defending Biden. The New York Post, in a 2021 editorial, highlighted the many lies of Joe Biden, big and small, complete fabrications and extreme embellishments. “It would be bad enough if Biden only told personal tall tales. But his reality distortion field now extends to national policy,” the Post noted. “Truth just doesn’t matter: He’ll say whatever he likes to get past the moment.” From Corn Pop to his house supposedly burning down to calling the disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal a success, Biden can’t seem to tell the truth to save his life.

And what about fake Native American Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.)? What about Rep. Adam Schiff’s (D-Calif.) lies about Trump’s “Russia collusion”? What about when then-Democrat President Barack Obama’s claim that Obamacare would allow people to keep their plans was labeled “lie of the year”? What about when another Democrat president, Bill Clinton, lied under oath? CNN is awfully partisan in its outrage.

But CNN, ignoring the facts all around, moaned:

President Joe Biden’s embarrassment over classified documents found in his former offices is spiraling into a major political crisis that threatens to undermine the case for Donald Trump to be charged for his own hoarding of secret material…

While Trump’s retention of hundreds of documents and attempts to thwart their transfer to the National Archives as required by law appears more serious at this stage, Biden’s deepening troubles are offering a huge opening to the new pro-Trump House majority. The GOP is already moving to unleash an investigative machine designed to prove their long-held belief that Democrats have weaponized the federal government and intelligence agencies against conservatives – and to create the appearance of equivalence between Trump’s behavior as president and the actions of Biden and his circle.

Goodness, I wonder where Republicans got the crazy impression that Democrats weaponized the federal government. Maybe it’s the fact that Trump’s wife’s closet was raided by the FBI over (de)classified documents he was allowed to possess, while Biden is being strenuously defended for possessing documents he wasn’t permitted to possess. Or maybe it’s because the pro-Trump Jan. 6 political prisoners are held in horrific conditions while murderers are released back onto the streets by Democrats. Maybe it’s because the FBI raided over 30 Trump allies and targeted peaceful pro-lifers while ignoring leftist BLM and Antifa violence.

As usual, CNN is producing nothing but biased fake news.


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