Poll Shows Biden Doing OK After Afghan Fiasco, But There's a Huge Catch

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

On Wednesday, the allegedly non-partisan PollProjectUSA (PPUSA) dropped this tweet, purporting to show that Joe Biden is still surviving with 47% approval, 46% disapproval, even after the Afghanistan debacle in which he left Americans stranded behind enemy lines and gifted the terrorist Taliban with a country and billions of dollars worth of American military hardware, including an air force.


If Joe Biden is still ahead after all that, he just might be invincible. That would be remarkable for a man who has created several disasters and then reacted by hiding or by yelling at America, and lying when he’s yelling.


Notice the sample first. The sample of +14 Democrats does not comport with reality. We’re about a 50-50 nation with maybe a few-percent advantage for the Democrats generically. Not a 14-point difference. The current RealClear generic ballot poll has Democrats at +3.8, but that’s including the YouGov sample that PPUSA used in this poll (which registers at +10 on RCP). So even that +3.8 advantage for the Democrats is highly suspect as it’s tilted by an outlier sample — this one. Plus, Democrats just tend to get oversampled in polls. I reached out to a Texas pollster politico who dismissed the YouGov data itself as nonsense that needs to be flushed. The PPUSA poll is based on YouGov’s data, and seems to be torqued even farther to the left.


The PPUSA poll also uses registered voters, not likely voters. In the past, this has been shown to oversample Democrats.

What should alarm Biden and all the Democrats is that even with PPUSA putting both thumbs on the scale by using a fantasy sample and registered voters, they could only get Biden to +1, which is within the margin of error of any poll. A one-point advantage on a poll that’s doubly biased means he is actually underwater by several points. That would seem to align with the poll Matt Margolis reported on Wednesday. This poll actually spells doom for Biden and his Democrats.

The PPUSA poll as they present it is total garbage to the point of being pro-Biden propaganda, not even worth the tweet it was touted on.


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