12 Texas Counties Declare Emergencies as the Border Crisis Worsens

PJ Media graphic showing the Texas counties that have declared emergencies due to the ongoing border crisis.

In this week’s C’Mon Now! we broke Joe Biden’s border coverage blackout with an interview with a lifelong rancher who lives 56 miles from the Texas-Mexico border. She says in her 40 years in the area, the current influx of illegal crossings is the worst she has ever seen. Residents do not feel safe even taking out their trash.


A resident of a nearby county farther inland and away from the border told PJ Media that she spotted an illegal migrant on her property before dawn today. He was attempting to look into the windows of her home as he trespassed. Local law enforcement took 40 minutes to arrive, and when they did, did very little to track the man. He disappeared.

County governments in the region regularly post notices such as the following on social media, which was posted late Sunday:

HACKBERRY, LAVACA COUNTY – At approximately 8:50 PM Lavaca County Sheriffs Reports a bailout of approximately 10 to 12 illegal aliens in the area of FM 532 & LCR 221B.

Please lock your vehicles and homes and report all suspicious activity to authorities by calling 9-1-1.

A “bailout” is when a coyote has stolen a vehicle, usually on the U.S. side of the border, and is using it to move illegals across. They bail out of the stolen vehicle at some point, usually when law enforcement is in pursuit. The individuals then typically split up and many are not apprehended. The owners of the stolen vehicles do not get their property returned to them.

A constable in Dimmit County posted this on Facebook over the weekend.

Around 7:00pm this afternoon on Hwy 85 and FM 468 East of Big Wells I assisted DPS in a vehicle pursuit. The pursuit continued on Hwy 85 into Frio County where the driver turned onto Hwy 35 North into oncoming traffic. The driver exited Hwy 35 continuing along the access road where he tried one last attempt to elude law enforcement by crashing into the Frio River under Hwy 35. Several Undocumented individuals were captured including a pregnant female passenger that I had to jump into the river to assist her out of the water due to the crash. The driver absconded into the brush. Luckily NO Law Enforcement or citizens were seriously injured in this vehicle pursuit!!!


The Zavala County Sheriff’s Office posted a series of reports on social media early Monday:

On Saturday, May 1st, 2021 at approximately 11:00PM. Zavala County Deputy observed a male subject walking on US-83 and FM 3292. Due to the circumstances, time and the area, the Deputy made a welfare check on the male subject. The Deputy learned through his investigation that the male was an undocumented immigrant and had been living in Chicago for several years. He was also identified as a gang member.

On Sunday, May 2nd 2021 at approximately 1:00AM. Zavala County Deputy conducted a traffic stop on a Toyota sedan on US-57 west of La Pryor. The Deputy discovered that the driver and passenger were both undocumented immigrants. The Deputy learned through his investigation that the subjects were in the area to pick up more undocumented immigrants.

On Sunday, May 2nd, 2021 at approximately 5:00AM. Zavala County Deputy attempted to conduct a traffic stop on a white Chevrolet pickup on FM393. The pickup failed to stop and a pursuit ensued. The pickup came to a stop on 3rd Avenue and Alamo St. in Crystal City, where multiple individuals fled from the vehicle. 5 subjects were apprehended and were identified as undocumented immigrants. The pickup was found to be reported stolen.

All undocumented immigrants involved in all incident were turned over to US Border Patrol.

La Salle County:

La Salle County Deputies assisted Border Patrol in recovering another stolen vehicle involved in a pursuit on FM 468 west. Three non citizens were apprehended during this incident.

Posted by La Salle County Sheriff’s Office on Saturday, May 1, 2021


Numerous Texans across Congressional District 23, which stretches across hundreds of miles of the border, report calling the office of Rep. Tony Gonazles (R) in recent days and being told by a staffer that the border is closed and there is no emergency. This conflicts with the message Rep. Gonzales delivers to media and on social media. PJ Media called his Washington office today and were told “The congressman has described the border as a crisis,” but no further details were provided.

The U.S. Border Patrol Del Rio Sector reports that its officers are seeing “a notable increase in environmental impact along the Rio Grande.” The Border Patrol posted a video of the clothing and other items it is finding strewn all along the border.

The Mexican drug cartels, which are facilitating and profiting from the exploding number of crossings, are themselves becoming more brazen and violent, according to Lara Logan of Fox News.

On the opposite side of Texas, Houston police discovered 90 illegal migrants stuffed into a home.

Meanwhile, the list of Texas counties that have declared emergencies due to the rising tide of human trafficking across the border has grown. Earlier reports indicated four counties had issued such declarations. The list has grown to a dozen.

PJ Media graphic showing the Texas counties that have declared emergencies due to the ongoing border crisis.

Here are the emergency declarations that were available at press time.

Atascosa County’s declaration.

Frio County’s declaration.

Goliad County’s declaration.

Jim Hogg County’s declaration.

Kinney County’s declaration.

La Salle County’s declaration.

McMullen County’s declaration.

A news report on Uvalde County’s declaration.

Joe Biden has said the border is “under control.”

He’s lying, and even some Texas Democrats are calling him out on it.


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