Border-State Democrats Breaking With Biden Over the Border Crisis

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Not only did Joe Biden not describe the border crisis as a “crisis” during his speech Wednesday night, he didn’t even mention the issue at all. Joe Biden has forgotten all Americans who live and work along the U.S.-Mexico border. One could fairly accuse him of leaving the majority-minority communities that live and work along the border behind. One cannot make a cogent argument that he cares about their well-being, not with him instigating and then ignoring an unfolding crisis that is overwhelming their public safety agencies with no federal help on the way.


It is a border crisis. American citizens in the border states are seeing their vehicles stolen, their property overrun, and their lives endangered by chaos as about 1,000 illegal migrants, aliens, whatever term of art the government-media complex prefers to use today, cross into the United States daily. Needless to say, the illegal border crossers are not being screened for COVID. Coyotes don’t provide that service in the vehicles they steal to move their human cargo across the border. The United States largely doesn’t know who they are, where they came from, or where they’re going.

In Texas, it was Democrat Rep. Henry Cuellar who first leaked video of the real conditions on the border to get around Biden’s blackout of media coverage.

Now Cuellar says he will not comply with Biden’s Orwellian language edicts.

A senior House Democrat from a border district in Texas plans to use the term “illegal alien” despite the Biden administration’s orders that federal immigration agents drop it in favor of language not seen as offensive by liberals.

“I can understand some people are trying to be a little bit more politically correct, but if you look at what the statutes say, they do use the word ‘alien.’ That’s what the statute does, so until the statute changes, some of us will continue to be using the word ‘alien’ on that,” Rep. Henry Cuellar told reporters during a video briefing Monday afternoon.

“I don’t think the statute is going to be changed, but I can understand that thinking of some folks,” said Cuellar, the vice chairman of the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Homeland Security. “That is the word that’s in the statute until we change that.”


Cuellar represents Texas-28, a district that stretches from eastern San Antonio down to the border and includes about 200 miles of that border. It’s heavily Tejano. Several counties in that region shifted red in 2020 despite Democrat-media accusations of racism against President Trump and Republicans generally. There are several factors powering the redshift in previously deep-blue counties, among them extremely strong, smart, and outspoken local Republican leaders such as Adrienne Pena Garza and Joacim Hernandez. Tejanos have stood for Texas since before the 1836 revolution. The current generation of leaders in the RGV is fearless despite attacks from the Democrats, some of whom have gone to prison for serious corruption.

The communities most affected by border chaos instigated by white Democrats with racists pasts such as Joe Biden — he happily cavorted with Democrat segregationists when it suited him — are Tejano. Secondarily, communities in adjacent counties are also heavily impacted by border chaos. My next C’Mon Now! show deals with this issue. The border crisis is bigger than most realize. At least a dozen Texas counties have declared emergencies because of Biden’s border madness.

If you talk to people in these overwhelmingly Tejano communities, they too use the phrase “illegal alien” and they want the border closed yesterday. Cuellar is listening to them, not Beltway Biden.


Over in Arizona, Democrat Sen. Mark Kelly can see and hear that Biden’s border chaos doesn’t help his own reelection chances. Kelly is publicly breaking with Biden after his failure to even mention the border during his long address to Congress.

“While I share President Biden’s urgency in fixing our broken immigration system, what I didn’t hear tonight was a plan to address the immediate crisis at the border,” Kelly said in a press release following Biden’s 67-minute address.

Oops — Democrat Sen. Kelly just used the word that Biden and the media will not use, but everyone else knows is the truth. The border is in crisis, and it’s Joe Biden’s border crisis whether he mentions it or not.

Biden’s ignoring of the issue won’t make it go away. Not mentioning it just provides evidence he doesn’t care about the Americans whose lives are affected or the humans who enslave themselves to coyotes and cartels in the course of getting across the border. His Orwellian attempt to force everyone to stop using words to describe it doesn’t materially change the fact that it’s a border crisis, and the most significant one in about 20 years. Even the chief of the Border Patrol is having none of that. He can expect to be fired for having the audacity to think for himself.




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