If 'Get Woke Go Broke' Is True, What Might That Mean for the Future of the U.S. Military?

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Did you watch the Oscars last night? Most of America didn’t. It was woke and terrible (other than Tyler Perry’s speech) and its ratings hit yet another low.


The Oscars have gone fully woke to the point of demanding racial quotas for movie crews and even marketing teams, while its speeches have been woke for years. And movies keeping mostly sucking instead of entertaining.

America is responding by not watching and not caring.

In 2020, they rebooted the 1990s hit drama, Party of Five. I bet you missed it.

It was pro-open borders and it was woke.

The original Party of Five ran for six seasons and spun off several stars including Jennifer Love Hewitt, Matthew Fox, Lacey Chabert, and Scott Wolf.

The woke rebooted Party of Five got canceled after one season. Nobody even knew it was on, much less who was on it.

The NBA went pro-China and woke. Its ratings crashed. The NFL went woke on protesting the American flag. Its ratings crashed.

Woke is divisive, and as Bill Maher says, it’s also stupid.

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I bring all of this up and you may be wondering, what does this have to do with the military?

Well, first, Joe Biden may be the commander-in-chief but he despises the military.

Those are strong words. How can I say that?

Because Joe Biden pawned his crackhead son off on the Navy.


The U.S. military has no use for addicts.

The U.S. military has long ago shed its Vietnam-era image of the stoned soldier. It is all volunteer and the most professional military in the world and has been since the 1980s Reagan buildup. It’s also the most educated fighting force, with an officer corps made up entirely of college graduates, and many of them hold multiple advanced degrees. Many in the enlisted ranks have college degrees as well.

Biden couldn’t figure out what to do with his lowlife, drug-addict son, so like many liberals, he figures, well, the military could use him. That’s not how the military is supposed to work.

So he pulled strings and got Hunter one of those officer commissions some people get that allows them to bypass basic or officer candidate training and head into the military more quickly.

Those commissions are supposed to be reserved for people with special skills or experience who can contribute something unique to the military. But some people use them so they can play soldier, sailor, airman, or Marine and put military service on their resume without taking the hard road in.

Biden used his influence to steal one of those commissions from someone who was qualified for his crackhead kid.


That displays utter contempt for the military.

You may be thinking, maybe Biden wanted the military to straighten Hunter out.

Nope. If that was the case, he’d have had Hunter enlist and go through basic or the full officer school like everyone else. He would have either made it through on his own or failed and gotten out on his own. But he would have had the opportunity to test his character. Taking the easy way was all about puffing Hunter up so he could make deals with overseas autocrats and enrich the Biden family, not testing his mettle.

We know what happened. Hunter’s brief career ended when he tested positive for cocaine use and got the boot.

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Joe Biden now leads a fully woke administration that is pouring hydrochloric acid on the national fabric. It’s pushing critical race theory into our educational system to indoctrinate our children and it’s turning the military woke.

We learned this back in March when the military’s “virtue signal corps” reared its head and attacked private citizen Tucker Carlson over his opinions. We’ve learned that the Navy had a service-wide stand-down to begin purging all wrong-thinkers from its ranks. Biden’s woke military is acting childish while China’s military is getting serious. It has a fleet of three aircraft carriers and its newest is about as capable as our supercarriers. It’s a nuclear power with a massive army and ambitions beyond its own shores.


If “get woke go broke” does to the U.S. military what it’s done to everything else, we’re in trouble. A lot of trouble.

Woke critical race theory is toxic. It has no place in the military (or anywhere else).

Biden spent no time thinking over whether politicizing the military is good for the military or not. He just went and unleashed this mental pathogen on our fighting men and women.

A woke military may become a broke military, just when the world may need it to be strongest.


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