[WATCH] A Cop Saved Saved Two Black Lives. Why Did LeBron James Attack Him on Twitter?

My old boss Laura Ingraham had a point in the title of her book, Shut Up and Sing. The idea there is that celebrities and athletes should stick to what they’re good at, the things we like them for, and stay out of the political lane whenever possible. Did you watch last night’s insufferable Oscars broadcast? Neither did I or most of America…

Sure, going political landed the benched Colin Kaepernick a $50 million Nike contract. It’s paid for with a lot of Chinese slave labor, but he’s happy to not have to dodge opposing linebackers while he denounces the United States that made his whole life possible anyway.

LeBron James isn’t benched and he is one of the NBA’s top talents. That doesn’t give him a pass.

Using his considerable power to dox and attack a cop who acted quickly and saved lives is not a good look. Fortunately, there are voices of reason out there — people who’ve taken the time to study and understand issues. In today’s C’Mon Now! I’m not happy with LeBron James, but neither is former NFL star Marcellus Wiley.

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