[WATCH] How Oil Saves the Whales—With Bill Gates and Elon Musk

The green left has predicted doom and gloom for decade after decade. When I was a kid in school, they predicted another ice age. Then they shifted to global warming, then climate change. The science does change as new data comes in, fair enough.

But through it all the left has fought against abundant clean energy sources, touted dirty and unreliable energy sources as “clean” and “renewable,” and failed to acknowledged that access to affordable and reliable energy lifts billions out of poverty and makes millions of products and life-saving technologies possible. We’re living longer than ever while the green left claims we’re killing ourselves.

The use of oil and other petroleum products has also saved whales from extinction. I explain — with backup from Bill Gates and Elon Musk — in this week’s C’Mon Now! Click to watch.

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