Pete Buttigieg's Mileage Tax Is White Supremacist

Democratic National Convention via AP

If you ever — for one second — believed Joe Biden’s promise to not raise taxes on anyone making less than $400,000, congratulations, you are a rube.


The unthinkable spending the Democrats are now engaged in will either not be paid for by anyone currently alive, or it will be paid for through tax hikes on pretty much everyone currently alive. There aren’t enough rich people to pay for spending levels that even Democrat Larry Summers says are the most irresponsible spending he’s seen in 40 years. So if you believed at any point that Biden’s spending wouldn’t affect you because you don’t make $400,000, you are not very smart. But congrats on that $1,400 stimmy!

Biden’s transportation secretary, Pete Buttigieg, is floating one of the most regressive tax ideas imaginable: a mileage tax.

He’s getting roasted for it, as he deserves. At a time when we need economic activity to return, the thought of literally taxing everything that moves is idiotic. It could only come from someone who really has no grasp of the modern economy.

Speaking with CNBC, Buttigieg outlined his ideas on several infrastructure proposals, chatting about financing for revamping roads and bridges across the country. Asked about whether he still believes gas taxes are “old fashioned,” he said he doesn’t believe they’re the right long term solution.

A mileage tax, on the other hand, which would charge drivers a cent or two for each mile on the road, intrigues Buttigieg more. “I think that shows a lot of promise,” he said. “If we believe in that so-called user-pays principle, the idea that part of how we pay for roads is you pay based on how much you drive.”


It shows a lot of “promise” — if you hate privacy and the freedom of movement. It also shows a lot of promise to be a supremely racist tax.


As urban properties increase in value, guess who gets pushed out of the cities? People who can’t afford to live there. That’s lower- and increasingly middle-income individuals and families. Urban cores are fast becoming the exclusive province of the rich.

A mileage based tax clearly favors wealthier people in cities who drive less distance. As usual, it would be working class folks who must drive longer distances who bear the brunt of this policy.

— Russ Read (@RussCanRead) March 26, 2021

Those folks getting pushed out are disproportionately minorities. The economics of urban life is pushing them ever farther away from their workplaces. They have to drive longer — more miles — to get from home to work. Pete Buttigieg would tax them more as his own party’s policies push them farther from their jobs.

A mileage tax taxes them every time they go to work, while white-collar workers who work from home get to keep working from home, enjoying the fact that they won’t have to pay one red cent to walk from their bedroom to their home office to work.


Buttigieg’s idea is bad for the economy, and for privacy, but leftists won’t care about that. It’s systemically racist. That’s how they play the game. The game the supremely unqualified and inexperienced Buttigieg wants to play hits women and minorities hardest.

By the way, the Democrats’ open border policies have a similar effect. They’ll drive down wages for Americans competing with the cheaper illegal labor. Who’s that?

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