Packers QB Aaron Rodgers Calls Out Democrat Lockdown Hypocrites

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Packers all-pro and Hall of Fame lock quarterback Aaron Rodgers knows a hypocrite when he sees one. Appearing on “The Pat McAfee Show,” Rodgers ripped Democrat leaders from his home state of California for their lockdowns-for-thee-but-not-for-me handling of the pandemic and the economy over the past year.


I mean, they put these rules in place. They’re not even following their own rules. I mean, how many people have gotten caught?

Here’s one: Austin Mayor Steve Adler, who told city residents to avoid traveling, while he was living his best life in Cabo. As in, Mexico. “Y’all don’t go see Grandma on Thanksgiving even though it may be her last, but imma be over here on the beach in Mexico.”

“Don’t travel. Don’t leave the state.” Oh, here’s so-and-so on a vacation. Oh, here’s so-and-so at a salon. “Don’t eat out at a restaurant unless you’re wearing a mask and separate.” Oh, here’s a picture of the governor of California violating those rules. Oh, public schools are closed, but I can send my kids to a private school in person.

Nailed it. And Rodgers wasn’t done.

“For us to count on the government to help us out is becoming a joke at this point.”

Nailed it again. Perfect strike, right where the corner couldn’t intercept.

“I mean, they took forever to figure out how to give $600 checks away, and then you know may or may not get to $2,000 at this point. That’s not life-changing money. What Dave and his folks are doing with the Barstool Fund is life-changing money. It’s sustainability for these people, and I think that’s the thing that you gravitate towards the most is just not having a reliance on the government to help you out, because obviously it’s shown that’s not going to be the way they’re going to do it.”

Hats off to Barstool Sports’ Dave Portnoy, who is raising money for businesses that are in dire straits thanks to the same shutdowns that the Democrats who impose them keep violating.


Final thought before I go wash myself off after praising a member of a football team that it’s in my DNA to despise: Why aren’t Republicans getting caught violating lockdowns like Democrats are?


It’s not Republicans locking people up (erm, for the most part. Ohio…). That’s on you, Democrats, and those of you who vote for them. All of it. Well, and it’s on China for the virus, and the media for pretending it didn’t come from China. So there’s a lot of blame to spread around.

The lockdowns’ effectiveness — science! — is debatable. And it should be debated, openly and based on real data in a free society. We still have one of those, right?

The disastrous economic effects of the lockdowns are no longer debatable: raging unemployment and mental stresses are through the roof. Thousands and thousands of once-thriving businesses are gone for good. Forever. Those are just facts.

Anyway, it was nice knowin’ ya, Rodgers. The cancel crew will be coming around to demand your penance soon.

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