Every City Needs a 'New York Post'

Every City Needs a 'New York Post'
New York Post Cover Hunter Biden, "Biden Secret E-Mails" (New York Post)

Let’s face it. As bad as we’ve all known the mainstream media to be, it has become even worse and shows no signs of correction. As much or more than any electoral fraud that happens, the media’s deliberate cover-ups help Democrats.

The media’s cover-ups helped Joe Biden slip past real, factual reporting on his son’s (and thereby his own) financial connections to the Chinese Communist Party. That’s no small thing. Biden is still likely to become president, at least in title.

China knows the score now. While all our eyes were on Georgia, the ChiComs rounded up 50 Hong Kong pro-democracy leaders and jailed them. They’re stiff-arming the WHO and are still denying responsibility for the Wuhan virus and the damage it continues to do around the world.

(Where is China’s outspoken entrepreneur Jack Ma, by the way? Someone knows, but no one is saying.)

In Georgia, once again the mainstream media covered up for Democrats. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution shamelessly ran puff pieces on the two radical Democrats in the Senate runoffs, totally ignoring Raphael Warnock’s very terrible, radical, racist, no-good, pro-Castro politics. That’s quite the solid the media did for him, and now he’ll take his toxic radicalism to the United States Senate. The mainstream media also ignored Jon Ossoff’s insufferability and total lack of qualifications. He may also be headed to the Senate, handing the Democrats a slim but potentially nation-transforming majority.

The mainstream media knows which team it’s on and what it’s doing. What we need are counterweights at the local level. Of course, we are a major part of that counterweight. But we need more.

The other day I was researching for a piece or a show, haven’t decided which, about how the Democrats at the local level and now reaching all the way up, are abdicating the basics of governance. They literally no longer care about public safety, keeping the streets clean and free of garbage, or really any Government 101 duties. They just answer to radical activists and pretend their local homeowners and business leaders don’t exist. I went looking for the latest on New York City’s garbage collection issues. Mayor Bill de Blasio hasn’t just defunded the police and politicized the entire city government. He’s turned the streets over to the largest piles of garbage and the rats that live in them. This has been going on for a couple of years. He’d rather mouth off and run for president than do his actual job.

I ended up finding useful information in one place: the New York Post. Not the Times, the alleged paper of record. It’s too busy trying to destroy the nation to report on the destruction of its own city. Not the NY Daily News. Its local coverage is better than the Times but it’s still too often a mouthpiece for the Democrats.

A light bulb went on. During the Austin city council discussions over defunding the police, there were no sources for information or analysis in the local media. There was no voice reaching the city council about the folly and dangers of the path it was putting the city on. Both the mainstream and alt local papers are captured organs of the Democrats. They report on what the radical activists say, and mostly ignore everyone else. Likewise in Dallas and Houston. The San Antonio Express-News still strives for fair reporting, but it’s increasingly alone among major papers in the state.

What if Georgia had had a true Post-style paper during the runoffs, or Austin had a New York Post during those homeless camping or defund-the-police discussions? What if it had a paper that would — really, actually — speak truth to those in power? Such a paper would have provided real analysis based on real facts, with lively writing, brilliant headlines, and it would have brought other voices and ideas to the fore that those of the left that the mainstream and typical alt papers always turn to.

The Post does that. In New York it’s often overshadowed by the other two papers, but it does hold de Blasio’s feet to the fire. It has a national impact. It’s a quality paper with some of the most interesting voices in the country. It reports facts and makes the powerful uncomfortable. The Washington Times serves a similar role in our nation’s blighted capital. We need more of them in the news ecosystem.

I’m not even saying they need to ideologically align with conservatives. They just need to be honest and report reality. The mainstream papers in most cities no longer do that.

If I had a billion dollars or two and wanted to make a difference at the local level, I’d spin up versions of the Post in Austin, Portland, Seattle, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, everywhere the captured papers bury serious stories and stifle discussion and debate. Outlets like this one need local reporters who know their cities and will honestly report on them and the consequences that flow from the policies that those who run these cities foist on them.

More importantly, the citizens of these imperiled and increasingly dangerous cities need them too.

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